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coach retreat-facilitated­ by Dov Tsal Sela, AgileCoach&FunS­heriff


A coach retreat is based on an idea of a code-retreat.

It is meant to practice and examine several coaching techniques/ postures in a controlled manner.

Who is it for: though centered on Agile and coaching, it is open to anyone interested in the subject.

​Duration: ​It takes place on a Saturday, for the whole day: 9:30 - 18:00

Organization: The retreat is free, based on volunteering. Registration means commitment. (Imagine you have to pay for it, and you will get the money back when you show up)

Format: We shall examine four coaching techniques, each in a one hour session with a small group, after which we will have a full group retrospective.
All techniques will apply to the same basic hypothetical situation.

  • This will be interrupted by several short coffee break and a common lunch break.

During the day you will experience how it is to be coached, to coach alone, in pair, and to actively observe.

  • Potluck lunch - Lunch together is fun, we eat inside, we will organize ourselves and cover the costs individually;we have created a potluck lunch list (; day ends with few minutes cleanup.

To sum it up: it will be fun!

~10 seats available for agile community, so hurry up!


Dov Tsal Sela - SM, AgileCoach & FunS­heriff @ ULLINK

Bianca Antonie - SM @ ULLINK

Andrei Nistor - SM @ ULLINK

more about ULLINK:

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Victor Deleu nr 1, etj 2 · Cluj-Napoca