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In this day in age, especially how technology has become a huge part of our communication, we forget that connecting with like minded entrepreneurs face to face is so important for personal growth. Business development and quality resources can not be obtained by walking the quest alone.

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Our current focus group will be in the Bakersfield area / Visalia area / Valencia area / Paso Robles area

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3625 Marriott Drive

Hey Everyone! It's that time again! What time? To remind you that your health is an investment. This can change your life! You won't know until you know from the experts that will be here!! AND there will be AMAZING testimonials to share with you how their life changed. DON'T MISS IT! Save the date: July 27th Saturday at the Hilton Garden Inn Connect with other wonderful people in the community who are focused on living a healthy lifestyle! ..............If this is who you are, don't hold yourself back. Stop by. Check it out. We are going to have an amazing guest speaker who will talk about ✔️A disruptive "high antioxidant" vitamin supplement that is unmatched, unparalleled by anything in the current market ✔️The importance of having the right amount of nutrients so that your body can be at its optimal performance, especially for recovery ✔️Feed your knowledge about how this can change the health and wellbeing of kids, teens, sisters, brothers, spouse, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, great grandparents and friends ✔️Learn ways to be a health advocate by sharing this break through in nutrient dense, high antioxidant, vitamin, energy formula... and change the health and lives of others forever. SAMPLE TESTING will be at 10:30am! 11:00am is the presentation Sign-in sheet will be at the door. Please indicate MEETUP INVITE on the sign-in sheet. ~ TEAM LEGACY OF BAKERSFIELD

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