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Meet and socialize with local professional and aspiring video game developers to talk about game development, design, and the game industry. Programmers, artists, designers, and anyone else interested in game development are invited to join. Let's show the world that Ohio is the next hot spot for the video game industry! 
Anyone is welcome to show up at a our meetings. From hobbyists and students who want to learn more about the best way to get into the game developments industry to professionals who want to talk about the newest tech and share their experiences.

Check out COGG's Facebook page to have more conversations with developers around Central Ohio: facebook.com/groups/thecogg. Check out the OSU Game Creation Club if you're an OSU student. If you're looking for other game developer groups in Ohio, we have plenty! Check out the The Cleveland Game Developers, IGDA Cincinnati Discord, Columbus Unreal Engine Meetup, Game Developers Facebook, and more!
If you like VR, we have quite a few there as well: VR Columbus and Cincinnati Virtual Reality
We have 3 events a month! They are a mix of Online/In-Person pending on venue.

Check them out:
Prototype and Play
2nd Friday: 6pm – 9pm
Let’s Play
3rd Sunday: 2pm –4pm
GameDev Meetup
Last Saturday: 1pm – 4pm

See Meetup events for details. Updated at the end of each month. Come out and say hi!

Upcoming events (4+)

2023 GDEX Game Jam - Online via Discord and Itch.io

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**Please note, registering for this free event does NOT subsequently register you as a jammer. Please see details below**

Organize a team or join as a solo jammer for our 4th online 9-day GDEX Game Jam free event. Teams and individuals from any city, state, and region all around the world are all welcomed to sign-up. We can’t wait to see what games you all create! No game development experience is required. Theme will be announced during the event starting on Friday June 2nd. Entries will be submitted and played online live Sunday June 11th and a finalist will be nominated by peers and gamedev professionals June 12th-15th for an award at the GDEX awards ceremony Saturday June 24th.

Jammers will work remotely while being encouraged to capture screenshots and content of your process throughout the event. Expert Peer Reviewers to support jammers during the event to be announced soon. Come join us!

This year, we're working to bring back the Discord bot Jammio! This bot will work along side you and your team to help setup and manage your teams alongside game jam organizers.

More information can be found on – GDEX Game Jam landing page:

Please Register and Submit:
Your final game on our – Itch.io page:

Please Join and Chat:
With GDEX Game Jam teams on – Jammer Discord invite link:

As always, if you have any questions let us know via [masked]

Prototype, Play, and Build Workshops (Online by default or TBD)

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For 2023, this event will be online by default and remote via our Discord channel as we blend our Online and In-Person events. If we plan to host in person via a venue, we'll update this event before it starts. Usually by the end of the prior month. We'll evaluate month to month so stay tuned!

Feel free to sign up here on Meetup and know that we are now inviting all interested participants to showcase their games online! Come see our games and/or present.

If you are interested in showcasing, please message me on Discord in our COGG Server here: https://discord.gg/NrBhuNQ
(I'm WolfG4M3r#6815)

OR email us at [masked]. Please let me know who you are, what you are showcasing, a contact if possible (email is best!), and about what time frame you want to showcase between 6pm-9pm. It could be the whole time if you like!

If you have any questions or comments, as always, feel free to reach out to us at info@thecogg.com!

COGG Let's Play (Online)

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Hello COGGers!

We are excited to bring you our new Let's Play series! On the third Sunday of the month from 2-4pm, Caleb will host a design deep dive of a game of your choice! Each month there will be a focus. Depending on the game, you might get a chance to participate in the stream!

This month's emphasis: TBD

Vote on which game you'd like to see analyzed and come join us in the fun! We'll host on our YouTube Live channel here:


As always, feel free to reach out to us via our email [masked]


Greater Columbus Convention Center

Tickets are on sale now!
Dates and time are subject to change.

Would you like to help with this event? Signup as a Volunteer today!

**Please note that registering for this COGG event does not gain you access GDEX and its affiliated events. This is for information only but please use this event page for your benefit.**

This is the 3rd big GDEX partnering with Origins Game Fair! This year, we're hosting in the summer and still at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. We're continuing to solidify Columbus as the new home for gaming in the Midwest. 2023 will be filled exciting talks, tournaments, exhibitors, prizes, and much more! We are excited to continue share your favorite gaming experiences locally in the the Midwest and attendees from around the world!

What will the event have?
Tons of games to play including Video Games, Board Games, Tabletop & Miniatures, and lots more.

Speaking and Workshop sessions all weekend long from industry pros and gaming celebs

Tournaments and Free play throughout the weekend, including cash and other parties

Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences

One of a kind Merch from this show only!

Lots of art and collectibles to buy so bring your cash! Artist Alley is back baby!

This year will be bigger than ever, but make sure you get your tickets soon since space is going to be very limited and tickets will go fast!

NEWS Updated Here Periodically!
The GDEX Game Jam Pre-Reg is now live.
Signup to our Itch.io page and Discord server and join us online June 2nd-June 11th.
Itch.io page: https://itch.io/jam/gdex-game-jam-2023
Discord to the GDEX server: https://discord.gg/ramT49X6DT

GDEX + Origins Games Fair expo at GCCC is Thursday-Sunday June 22nd-25th:
Tickets are live!

Register as a...



Book your Hotel:

You can see our booklet here of the whole show:
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There's also cash-winning Tournaments signups here:

And of course again our GDEX Schedule is here:
Coming soon...

For the COGG booth this year, we're planning to continue our FREE online COGG Games promotional page for your game! We've been doing this in years past and would love to continue to share and add your games here:

See you at GDEX!
- <3 The COGG Team

Past events (323)

Game Dev Meetup (Online)

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