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The Columbus Space is intended to be a safe gathering place where adults can find education and support in exploring their authentic self. Our Mission is to encourage personal growth, and promote healthy communication and interaction.

Our goal is to foster an environment that promotes healthy communication, intimacy and interaction between consenting adults.

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Central Ohio Kinky & Poly Roundtable

The Columbus Space

Topic - Energy Poly is about sharing. Sharing time. Sharing partners. Sharing calendars. Kink is about sharing. Sharing sensation. Sharing previously unshared fantasies. Sharing vulnerabilities. Both poly and kink can involve all these shared aspects and others. There is something else that gets shared between people in kinky and poly relationships, whether it is between spouses, life partners, play partners, pick up players, or someone you meet off OKC… ENERGY How much do you have? How much do you spend on yourself? On your partners? How do you replenish your stores? Do you find yourself having trouble knowing how to find balance and how to share? What if a partner needs or wants more than you have to share with them at any given moment? Come share with us! Tell us about your experiences and your skills at maintaining a positive a balance. Whether you think in terms of “woo” or your energy to deal with other people. Perhaps even the question of extrovert vs. introvert. Let’s talk! *This event is held at an alcohol and substance free venue. All participants must be 19 and over.

Nude Yoga

The Columbus Space

Expose Yourself to Nude Yoga at the Columbus Space Register Here: https://columbusspace.com/event-3182612 Premium Members - FREE Members - $5 Non-Members - $10 A slower paced, gentle vinyasa style class where we’ll combine the mind, body, and breathe to connect with ourselves on a deeper level. Clothing is removed at the beginning of class (women and trans participants may wear bottoms if they choose otherwise nudity is mandatory) with awareness given towards letting the masks and limitations our daily lives places on us go. All are welcome! Please bring your own yoga mat, although we will have some extras available to use. Taught by Vince who has been teaching gentle vinyasa yoga since March of 2016 and has been practicing for over 20 years. Vince was inspired to teach after recovering from abdominal surgery and starting his personal practice over from almost the beginning. Studying through the YogaFit system, Vince teaches a gentle vinyasa flow that incorporates balance, strength, flexibility, and power to a provide a class that is practical, accessible, understandable, and doable by individuals at any level of fitness or past yoga experience. Note: all events at The Space are age 19+ only

Kinky & Geeky Night

The Columbus Space

Kinky & Geeky Night is the Columbus Space’s ultimate event for geeky kinksters. We provide a safe, welcoming place for you to socialize, play games, cuddle, spank, and follow your kinky heart’s desires. All sexualities and gender identities are welcome. Pre-register for a chance to win a free game provided by the Guardtower! https://columbusspace.com/event-3192945 Premium Members - FREE Members - $9 Non-Members - $12 5 hours of board games and dungeon space. It is our super popular event that mixes social and erotic in one night! Expanded Spaces! Quiet Board Game room and Learning Dungeon! Bring yourself and your favorite board game AND/OR BDSM toys and get your kink on! Bring your scenes, your gift of gab, your games of choice, and /or your kinky wish list and find yourself a spot to kink yourself through the hours! Available for this night: BDSM Equipment - Crosses, Spanking Benches, Massage Tables, etc. Gaming Room - Board/card...plus, any games you’d like to bring! Social area – Comfy Couches - why not kick back and relax? Sponsored by our good friends at The Guard Tower! Visit the new East Location, less than 2 miles from the Space You need new games? Support the local company that supports you! Get 10% off your purchase with a Space Waiver Card! ~All events at the Columbus Space are for those 19 years old or older ~All events at the Columbus Space are alcohol and substance free

Erotic Awakening - Energy Intensive

The Columbus Space

Learn all about Energy - From energy basics to how to use energy in your sex, play, and scenes. Pre-register - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/erotic-awakening-energy-intensive-tickets-54389691030 1pm - 5pm $20 until 1/18/19 $25 from 1/19/19 to 1/25/19 $30 day of/at the door What is energy? Centering Shielding Filtering Cleansing Grounding Creating your Space Charging scene for specific intent Cleansing/Charging tools Cutting Cords Chakras Symptoms of unbalanced Chakras Balancing Chakras How to use energy in your sexual and/or kink play Have you heard of this thing called ‘Energy’ or ‘Energy Play’ or ‘Sensing Energy’? Join Rev. dawn, Qadishtu Priestess, co-host of the Erotic Awakening Podcast, and co-creator of the ‘Path of the Qadishtu’ and the ‘Scarlet Sanctuary’, as she covers topics from the basic question of ‘what is energy?’ to psychic hygiene practices such as grounding, cleansing and filtering to explaining what chakras are and how to work with them and balance them. She will bundle this information together and share how to use energy in your kink play or sexual escapades.

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Yin Yoga Class

The Columbus Space

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