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Have you always wanted to learn standup comedy but never knew where to start? ... or are you already hitting the Open Mics but want to improve your standup comedy skills? .... or do you just want to be able to be in front of a group of people and say something funny to make everyone laugh? If so then The Comedy Shack (a standup comedy workshop) is the place to be!

The standup comedy workshop is for anybody who has any interest whatsoever in learning how to do standup comedy as well as improve his/her own “clean” standup comedy material in front of a group of friendly people who will give constructive feedback. You do not have to be a funny person nor do you have to have any particular reason for learning standup comedy other than that is something you wish to do. All humor has to be clean. Workshop fee is $10 per workshop per person.

The 90-minute format will feature fun, laughter, lessons on technique, as well as the opportunity to perform your standup comedy in front of the group for evaluation. {Of course, performing the standup comedy bit is entirely voluntary. In fact, many people attending the standup comedy workshop just go for the fun of it as it is a totally fun environment where you will find much to laugh about and will probably learn a technique or two. You do not need to want to perform standup comedy to participate nor do you have to be a funny person.}

This workshop is for everybody who has any desire to be able to stand up in front of a group of people and, at a minimum, say at least one funny thing – but the more “advanced” standup comedians are more than welcome as well!

The Comedy Shack features "clean" comedy. The minimum age to participate is 16 years.

For more info, contact: Kim M. Clark - Director, 727.479.6720; TheComedyShack@gmail.com.

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