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Mt. Washington, Mt. Monroe - Fryeburg fair, fall foliage weekend.
Saturday: Mt Washington; This is Mt Washington where even the easiest trails are challenging and the trek we will take is considered intermediate with the distance our trek covers, approximately 9 miles, making it even more difficult. Elevation gain is another big factor with this hike, the elevation gain from our start point to the peak of Mount Washington is approximately 4250' but our trek will take us up and over Davis Path down to Lake of the Clouds Hut, where we will break while a few will bag Monroe adding more elevation gain, then up to the peak of Washington. The weather every day is questionable, some of the extremest of extremes recorded worldwide, and a hike this late in the season is sure to be one we need to keep our fingers crossed for. Conditions could even be so bad this hike would need to be aborted, I will have a back up plan if so. Expect windy and cold conditions, even wintry, as we leave the tree line, do bring appropriate wear. Prior to RSVPing yes, you most understand you will need to be prepared, spend most of your weekends between now and then hiking to condition yourself with long distance and high elevation gain hikes. Gather your winter gear and purchase anything you may be lacking as the intention is to complete this hike. Check out the Mt Washington Weather Observatory website frequently to understand what you are in for with weather. We may even need to use Micro Spikes at this time of year. Sunday: Fryeburg Fair, come join us at a real back country fair. White Mountains – Hike Prep: Many of you know that the White Mountains are known for severe weather; typically more severe than the tallest mountains in the world. And known for unexpected weather conditions in ANY month of the year. Yes this hike can be dangerous. More people have died hiking this mountain region than any other in the world. You can only hike if you comply with ALL of the following instructions. If there are any instructions that you cannot manage, then please change your “yes” RSVP to a “no”. 1. To attend this hike, you must understand the proper hiking/extreme weather attire, a wicking base layer, a fleece or wool insulation layer and a shell which will protect you from wind, rain, snow and sleet. Hats, gloves, wool socks and extra winter gear are a must. DO NOT wear any clothing made of cotton or denim. No exceptions. 2. Trim your toe nails the day before To attend this hike you MUST bring ALL of the following: 3. First aid kit for yourself and ALL other items on the Hike Safe list: 4. Trekking poles 5. Wind and rain clothing (Shell) 6. Head lamp with extra batteries 7. Cold weather wear for layering, ideally a fleece or wool layer. (no cotton, no denim) 8. Warm weather wear be prepared for all conditions ie. base layer. (no cotton, no denim) 9. Hat, gloves, wool socks and extra winter gear 10. Spare socks 11. Hiking boots 12. Mole skin or nu skin and tape 13. At least 3 liters of water 14. At least 3 liters of water 15. Shot Blocks (or other electrolytes for leg cramps and dehydration) - you can find this at EMS, REI, Dicks, online, etc 16. Gu (or other high sugar concentrate for instant energy) – you can find this at EMS, REI, Dicks, etc 17. Snacks 18. Bandana or something to mop up the sweat (this one item can be cotton) 19. Bug repellent 20. Tissues are a good idea. 21. SINGLES $$ to pay for car parking at trail head 22. Additional cash as there is a store/cafeteria on top of Mt. Washington 23. Keep your HEALTH INSURANCE CARD and your IDENTIFICATION on your body during all hikes. Consider NH Ins from Fish and Game. It's $25 and can save you thousands if you break a leg or worse. Visit their website it's tax deductible if you make it thru the year without needing to use it While leaders do carry first aid, it is not fair for you to expect to use supplies of others as listed above. Please come responsibly prepared and we will have fun. Please do not use the "no" RSVP function unless you need to cancel from a "yes". This is a standard preference for all Connecticut Hiking Alliance Meetups. Other Meetup groups may have a different preference. Location: Joe Dodge Lodge, Pinkham Notch, Route 16 Gorham, NH. We LEAVE at 9 sharp so have boots on, restroom break out of the way - etc . We will leave without anyone not ready to be on trail at 9. Hydration and nourishment: At least THREE quarts of water, snacks, lunch, Gu, Shot Blocks! And eat before you hike as well. If you have trouble you will ruin the hike for all others too. Equipment: This is Mt Washington - known for weather extremes and changing conditions from, hour to hour, minute to minute. This means the weather and trail conditions can change dramatically so be prepared for all conditions. As with all hikes, hiking shoes are a must, foot support is important as we hike on hiking trails not walking paths. Proper clothing is also important, please dress appropriately but be prepare for changing conditions taking layers off or putting them on may be needed during the stretch of a hike. It will be much colder up top and probably VERY windy. Come prepared. You will likely need gloves for the climbing and scrambling portions of the trail. Come prepared. Lodging: Many of us will travel to the area Friday afternoon/evening and stay. The Joe Dodge Lodge is a very nice facility to stay but fills up fast. There are other local hotel/motels or inns available as well, even consider both nights in North Conway. Saturday evening for those attending Sundays event at the Fryeburg Fair should stay in the North Conway area as hotels closer to the fair will be full. Apres: Saturday following hike, Red Fox Bar and Grill, 49 NH-16 Jackson, NH [masked]. Sunday no Apres as there will be plenty to eat and drink at the fair. Participants planning to attend this event agree, warrant, and covenant the following: In consideration for accepting this entry, I, the registrant, intending to be legally bound, for myself, my heirs, my executors and administrators, do waive and release any and all rights for damages I may have against any parties or persons connected with the Connecticut Hiking Alliance for and related to the above listed event. I attest and verify that I am physically fit to participate in any portion of this above listed event. I grant the Connecticut Hiking Alliance permission to use any photographs, film or videotapes of this event for any purpose. And we take many many photos - take a look at the previous events. If you do not wish to be photographed, this is not the group for you. NOTE: To communicate with other members, please MESSAGE them directly (through meet up). Avoid comment postings. They go to every member and are usually not relevant To all. Message the leader event host with comments and questions . Meetup sites all have email functions for conversations between members.

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About Us... The Connecticut Hiking Alliance is the right group for active hikers who enjoy each other's company both on and off the trail. We believe that hiking, backpacking, snow shoeing, river sports, or any other type of out door adventure is made better when combined with social events where we can get together for a drink or a meal and relive the day's exploits.

While we were founded in Connecticut, our activities range throughout New England, the U.S. and also internationally.

Our first trade mark is the "Apres-hike" or "Apres-outing" that compliments every event we host! This means that after every hike and outing... we go out for a meal and a beverage. We really build friendships in this group and hope you will partake. We quickly and warmly welcome new members.

Our second trade mark is the Acts of Kindness we embrace. These acts involve helping charitable organizations, groups and/or people in need. Most often they are non-profit groups and we provide support in various ways - muscle power/manual labor, cash donations, in-kind donations, and goods donations. If you have a sweet spot for a specific group, organization or charity seeking support - let us know and we'll create an Act of Kindness for them.

Our third trade mark is the photo memories we create. Take a look at the albums on our photo page. If you participate in our outings you will be photographed a lot. If you are part of the witness protection program, or otherwise camera shy, this group is not for you.

We are a hiking community that seeks to be inclusive, diverse and fun. Most of our hikes are for moderate to experienced hikers. Once in a while we do host hikes that are appropriate for beginners. Please read the full description for any specific event to determine if your skill level is a match.

Please know that our events don't cancel for weather. We've only cancelled once for weather... the day the Governor of CT closed roads. We don't want anyone breaking laws! So if it rains or snows we'll still go! Count on it. Some of our most interesting and memorable events have involved rain or snow.

Feel free to join us for an adventure or suggest one of your own.

This is a courteous group. Please be considerate of others regarding RSVPs. If you sign up for an event (Yes or Waiting List) and your plans change - please change your RSVP to "no" as soon as you know you won't be joining. Those who aren't considerate with their RSVPs will find we have a 3 Strikes concept. This means that with 3 no-shows, one's membership with our group ends and you will be removed from The CT Hiking Alliance membership. You would at that time have the opportunity to go through the effort of rejoining and then use the little effort it takes to keep RSVPs current.

Enough said... Let's get out and play!

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