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Elyssa presents: Reiki Circle
What: Have a taste of the Reiki practice - feel centered, balanced, restored. Who: This is for everyone, practitioners, recipients, the initiated and the curious. Details: For Mikao Usui, the purpose of life was satori or enlightenment. After experiencing unity consciousness, in the mid-1920s, in Japan, he began to teach Usui Reiki Ryoho as an original path to natural awakening and integral human flourishing. This unique spiritual practice produces shifts in consciousness which have a wide range of effects, from easy access to inner spaciousness and sustainable happiness, to mental clarity and emotional resilience, to enhanced physical wellness and medical recovery. This group is for you if: • you are interested in meditation, spirituality, or awakening, or just health and general well-being, • you are looking for a way to heal core patterns or issues, stress or anxiety, physical pain or illness, • you have a friend, family member, or even pet who needs your support, • you have an established inner practice, but are open to trying a new approach to cultivating equanimity and compassion, or are interested in a practical and direct way of embodying your practice, • you are a healer or have an interest in healing arts, • you are a therapist interested in a spiritually-based approach to psychological issues or trauma, • you are a medical professional in need of an easy and effective self-care practice, • you have already taken one or more reiki classes, but feel the need to deepen your practice, understand Usui-sensei's original teachings, or find out about Japanese reiki lineages (Komyo Reiki Kai and Gendai Reiki Ho), • you believe that a more beautiful world is possible and long to be in service to it

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This group is a collective of groups, leaders and facilitators working in and with conscious based modalities and practices in service of expanding capacity and awareness for ourselves, our relationships, our communities, Toronto and the world. Participants, please check here for event listings in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and if you are a group, leader/facilitator of such work, please contact us for more information on how to join the collective.

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