What we're about

The Nintendo Switch has taken portable gaming to a whole new level.

Introducing a new Nintendo Switch Players Lounge which seeks to provide the following amenities to Switch players who are looking to join a new local community and/or play competitive multiplayer games whilst taking advantage of our space's infrastructure:

We offer the following:
- Verizon FiOS Quantum Gigabit Connection Speeds designed to handle countless wired and wireless connections with unhindered top speeds.
- Table/Desk/Couch Space for people to set up their Switches and play in comfort, solo, local multiplayer, or online.
- Complimentary water with BYOB rules.
- The Deluxe Room - Nintendo Switch Dock hooked up to a 120 inch Full HD 1080P Projector Screen & 7.1 Surround Sound and connected directly to network via Ethernet cable.
- Multi Room - Nintendo Switch Dock hooked up to a standard sized TV, and connected directly to network via ethernet cable. Typically reserved for groups of friends and/or 4 player games. Can be reserved by groups.
- Weekly and Monthly event days focusing on specific games, including in-house tournaments (for free and for prize money.)
- A Twitch/YouTube Channel for the lounge, with livestream support for games played out of the Deluxe/MultiRooms and tournaments.

For a small rental fee we offer the following kinds of accessories (more to come:)

- Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
- Gamecube Controller Adapters
- PowerA Wireless Gamecube Controllers
- Fosmon Adjustable Nintendo Switch Compact Playstand
- Joycons & Joycon Pads

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