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This is not a man bashing bitch session group. This is a be fabulous, interesting conversation, fun events, empowerment, supporting women's group. Hopefully meeting for brunch monthly and any other events that tickle our fancy!

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Let's celebrate Oktoberfest w/ brunch at Bohemian Brewery

Welcome to Bohemian Brewery, makers of Utah’s finest lager beers since 2001. Brewing in Bohemia — part of present day Czech Republic & Bavaria — dates back to 900AD. The discipline of “lagering” slowly developed over several centuries, and in 1842 the legendary Bavarian brewer Josef Groll created the first batches of modern pilsner using traditional techniques with new paler malts. It is from these deep roots that Bohemian Brewery Lagers owe their heritage to. Originally from Czechoslovakia, Joe Petras brought the old-world tradition of European Lager brewing to Utah, and since 2001 we have continued perfecting the art. 100% locally owned and operated, at Bohemian we are brewing heritage. Na zdravi!

Yeah, I know Oktoberfest is celebrated in Germany, but hey, why not pretend it's also a big celebration in Czech and Bavaria, too?

Brunch starts at 10 am, yum!!
Menu link (scroll down their webpage for brunch):

Please keep your RSVP updated so we know who to look for!!!! 👍

Louis Tomlinson 🎶 CONCERT!

UCCU Events Center

All AGES SHOW! (So if your son or daughter is a fan , they can attend , too)
I know there are adult Louis Tomlinson fans out there too! Let’s connect and go!
( Show time was not on my ticket? But it did say it ended by 11pm - we can find out more as date gets closer )

** PURCHASE TICKETS 🎟 THROUGH EVENTBRITE , then RSVP here on the meetup!


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Join Us for Brunch at Tradition! 🥂


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