What we're about

Have you been longing to create something new in your life but don’t know where to start?

Have you lost connection with your work, your craft, yourself?

Are you ready to unleash change?

Creativity is not only reserved to “Artists”. We all have the capability of unfolding creatively but sometimes it may not be a simple show on demand. It is not a matter of making ideas and inspiration come from somewhere else, but of unblocking the obstacles to its natural flow.

Once a month we get together to bring back the magic through a series of exploratory exercises and play to restore the flow of your life, ignite change and get clarity in your journey. You can share the outcomes or just do the experience and note to yourself the insights. This is a place to leave all the stress of the day behind and open the door to a new you.

For more info you can also visit www.thecreativeworkshops.co.nz or/and https://www.facebook.com/The Creative Workshops Awakening of the Creative-Soul

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