Creative Writers Ambler Meetup


At this Meetup, we'll gather as a group to share our experiences with writing during the month. We'll share ideas and resources and offer encouragement about writing and the process of developing our projects - for ourselves or for publication. We'll also take some time to do writing prompt exercises or other fun writing activities as a way to increase our spontaneity, gain energy and inspiration, and have fun together. If you have ideas for fun writing exercises we can do together, please bring them! We will be meeting once per month, on the 2nd Monday at 7:00 p.m.

As we have had issues with people RSVP'ing and not showing up, please bring your writing tools with you. To make sure that we are not sitting around with nothing left to talk about, if less than five people have shown up by 7:15, we will convert our regular meeting into a Write Night meeting.

We apologize if this seems abrupt, but we take care in preparing writing exercises and discussion topics that are really meant for larger groups, so when we have 18 RSVPs and only 4 people show up, that leaves a lot of extra time to fill up. Some people have traveled an hour or more to come to the meeting, so we needed to create a back up plan so the meeting would still be productive for everyone.