What we're about

This conscious gathering will support learnings and exchange on the study of Natural Law and Spiritual Development. All are welcome that support beliefs of Light and Love.

Many masters from across the world's religions have walked among humanity to role model the power of divine law and teach the potentials of our thoughts and words.

If you wish to grow, explore, and/or rebalance your inner physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental bodies, this is the group for you!

Our Core philosophies:

1) Live life with positive intentions and actions.

2) Everything is made of energy that vibrates (Electrons and atoms are real!)

3) You create everything in your life, and therefore, you have the power to change it;

4) BE That which you wish to attract in your life, and it must manifest. Its the LAW.;

5) There is an entire spirit team waiting to serve and assist you with unconditional love.

6) Be open to your inner journey and respect the unique path of others.

7) Keep what resonates and shelf the rest for another time.

Past/Current Topics include: The Practice of Meditation = Breathe Defining a Higher Power; EGO = Edging Out God, The “I” vs. We”; Energy-Source Connection, Auras, Chakras, Meridians; Vibration – Icky People, What Feels Good; Life Lessons and the Other Side; Power of Intention, Thoughts are Things = Journaling; “BE IT”, The Law of Attraction; Build Your Change through Intentful Action; Listen, Listen, Listen: It’s a Noisy World, and God Whispers; Vision Boarding ;The Power Keys “I AM”; Crystals - Life of Marcel Vogel; Scrub, Buff, & Clean Your Spiritual Antenna: The Pineal Gland.

Our Mantra: To the best of our human ability, we envision ourselves in the Love and Pure, White Light of the divine (or add your source name here!). Only Good can Come to Us, and Only Good can come Through Us.

Upcoming events (1)

Intro & Meditation: "For Monkey Mind, Feed it Bananas"

Gates Mills Branch of Cuyahoga County Public Library


Intro & Meditation: "For Monkey Mind, Feed it Bananas" Please sign up for this event, as space may be limited! ... join The Current Way for inaugural introductions and practice of meditation. 6:30 PM - Arrive by 6:30pm for meet, greet, and introductions 7:00 PM - Discuss goals and topics for the next 6 months 7:30 PM - Meditation ... and if time permits and spirit is willing, perhaps a message or two!

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