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What we’re about

WELOME! Current Way Wellness Movement is a global organization supporting wholeness and wellness by providing unconditional, loving space to learn, share, and expand the conscious energies of ***IN-***lightenment.

Holistic practices of meditation, mindfulness, healing & wholeness, metaphysical learning, spiritual channeling, and intuition & mediumship are available for beginner to advanced students. Key meditations and spiritual channelings are posted on CurrentWay Wellness Movement _Youtube channel.

Core philosophies:
1.     Live life with positive intentions and actions.
2.     Everything is made of energy that vibrates (Electrons and atoms are real!)
3.     You create everything in your life, and therefore, you have the power to change it.
4.     BE That which you wish to magnetize in your life, and it must manifest by law.
5.     There is an entire unseen team waiting to serve and assist you with unconditional love, just ask.
6.     Be open to your inner journey and respect the unique path of others.
7.     Keep what resonates and shelf the rest for another time.

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If your heart's desire is to walk your spiritual understanding or to simply grow, explore, and rebalance your inner physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental bodies -- > then this is the group for you.

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