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This group was created to help spread the knowledge of aquaponics, which is the combination of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil). By raising food this way, gardeners can produce the highest quality herbs and vegetables with the lowest inputs of labor, water, and fertilizer. The efficiency and productivity of the system and its ease of operation make it the perfect urban garden.

The group will meet to discuss aquaponics, to go see existing aquaponic facilities, and to build aquaponic systems in hands-on workshops.

There are many different variations of aquaponic systems, and the group will spend time learning the pros and cons of each type of system so members will be able to decide which is best for them (if any).

The history of aquaponics will be covered at some length, not only as an interesting historical perspective, but to allow the members to fully grasp the natural progression in agricultural practices that are entwined in the various threads of the aquaponic story.

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We have designed our classes so you benefit the most from them by taking them in order. It maximizes your and our time and your leaning experience Aquaponic Classes Offered 1/ AP Introduction Class 2a/ One barrel Aquaponics system build or 2b/ One IBC Tote Aquaponics system build 3/ Advanced AP class 4/ Introduction to Commercial (Available late July) 5/ Commercial Aquaponic System Design (Available in August) Prerequisites You are welcome to omit either of the build classes 2a or 2b but, please: Take 1/ Intro before 3/ Advance Take 3/ Advanced before 4/ Intro to Commercial Take 4/ Intro to Commercial before 5/ Commercial Design

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