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The principles taught by Bestselling Author and Motivator, Steve Chandler, in his work on Fearlessness are coming to life in Dallas! Steve is the founder of the Club Fearless International Mastermind, which is dedicated to helping you to create the happier & success-filled life you've been seeking. He is the Bestselling Author of over 20-books and coaches some of the top performers in the country.

Pam Garcy, PhD is a Dallas Clinical Psychologist, Life Coach, and Bestselling Author who is a long time admirer of Steve and his work.  Dr. Pam has found that it helped her in a very personal way, as it ignited her to set and reach goals that she initially didn't think she'd achieve.  She wants you to see how you can benefit from this work too, and she'll share her unique angle on applying it!

Members of this group will commit to taking fearless ownership of their lives and in the process, they will discover a new way of creating magnificence in their lives.

Group meetings will be dedicated to using Club Fearless concepts to help you to (1) develop and intensify your fearless mindset (2) commit to a fearless action step at each meeting (3) take regular & consistent bold action (4) report back on your progress.

The intention of this group is to help you to GROW and CREATE using Steve's own secrets of get ready & hop on board! It's going to be an awesome ride!

"Come to the edge," he said.
They said, "We are afraid."
Come to the edge, he said.
They came. He pushed them. And they flew.--Guillaume Apollinaire

Random factoids you might find mildly interesting:

Some of Pam's favorite Steve Chandler books include:  Fearless, The Woman Who Attracted Money, Mindshift, 100 Ways To Motivate Yourself, 100 Ways to Motivate Others, and more.

Pam's first Steve Chandler CD was 17 Lies that Are Holding You Back and The Truth That Will Set You Free

Steve generously endorsed Pam's first book, The Power of Inner Guidance, well before it became a bestseller.

Pam is currently working on a fearless goal of her own & Steve is fearlessly coaching her (no small task)

Pam's submission to the Club Fearless Postive Newscast was used to kick off the first newscast

Pam is excited to meet you soon & secretly hopes that we can grow this group large enough to bring Steve in for a motivational visit...but, even if that doesn't happen, being a part of your journey to greater fulfillment and life success is the best reward!

Disclaimer:  Although Pam is a psychologist and a naturally supportive person, this is not designed to be a psychological therapy group.  Therapy involves psychodiagnosis and treatment, which is not what this group is designed to do or replace.  If you are in need of mental/emotional treatment, please speak with Pam individually so she can help direct you to the appropriate venue.