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Dear Meetup members,

If you sometimes feel like you're really pulled into your negative emotion & it is incredibly hard to shift your thinking, this meeting is going to be for you.

One of our members read an e-mail that I sent to you that was entitled "The Battle in the Mind." She suggested that this would be a really useful meeting for us to have, so I've scheduled it on the next available one.

I really appreciate this--I've actually gotten several members who commented that this particular e-mail was really helpful to them. As a result, I posted it on my blog so anyone can access it and pass it onto others at any time. Of particular interest was a list of the 20 most helpful questions that I've gathered over the years of doing therapy and coaching--these are questions that I find myself using with coaching clients and therapy patients all the time. They come directly out of REBT and CBT. If you want to review the content of this essay or see the questions, click here now. (

At this meetup, we'll review:

1. What gets us into the battle in the mind?

2. What can we do about it?

3. How can REBT and CBT help?

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Dr. Pam

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