Raleigh, NC

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Feb 2, 2012


We have a blast in class! The Dancer's Workout is great for former dancers who want to find their way back home and for active dancers interested in increasing their flexibility and cardio stamina. Wear jazz sneakers, jazz slippers, or sneakers.

Do you have any dance experience or training?

Attended the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem from age 12 to 18 (all academic years and summers) for classical ballet.

What type(s) of dance classes have you taken?

ballet, modern/contemporary, jazz, hip hop, pilates, yoga, zumba. I love choreographing and combining elements from all of these genres into The Dancer's Workout.

Are you interested in starting to dance again, learning to dance, or maintaining your current flexibility and cardio endurance?

Maintaining flexibility and cardio endurance. The Dancer's Workout is an excellent weight management strategy while being crazy fun at the same time!

How did you learn about us?

Jules founded The Dancer's Workout