Data Science Ireland Meetup #11: Ones to Watch in 2019

Location image of event venue


The first Data Science Ireland meetup of 2019 takes place on Wednesday 6 February at Huckletree D2.

This is the best opportunity to meet & network with like-minded individuals in the Data Science and AI community in Ireland, as well as learn from more great speakers on all things AI and Data Science.

There will also be some pizza too! :)


1.Paul Walsh, Director at SIGMA Machine Learning Research Group

Paul is passionate about developing real-world machine learning applications to impact the health and life sciences industry. He is the founder of numerous startups, including life science software company Nisilico and he is also the director of the SIGMA Machine Learning Research Group based in CIT's Department of Computer Science.

Paul's talk will be on "Machine Learning Tips and Tricks: Tips and lessons learnt from implementing machine learning". He will discuss his research on various machine learning projects in the health and life sciences domain.

2. Niamh Donnelly, Data Scientist at The Analytics Store

Niamh Donnelly is an award-winning Data Scientist who currently works at The Analytics Store. Niamh won the Best Application of AI in a Student Project at the inaugural AI Awards for her MSC Computer Science dissertation project in UCD, which demonstrated how significant improvements in canopy coverage prediction accuracy could be achieved using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs).

Niamh will discuss the key outcomes of her dissertation project including the creation of a novel dataset, the development of a robust data pipeline to allow for easy access of high-resolution satellite imagery from Google Earth, and an AI prediction model capable of mapping canopy coverage to a degree of accuracy comparable with the best in the literature.

3. Dr. Kevin Feeney, CEO of DataChemist

DataChemist is an enterprise knowledge graph company which was spun out of Trinity College Dublin in early 2018. Between 2009 and the start of this year, he was a senior research fellow at the school of computer science in Trinity College Dublin. His academic research focused on cybersecurity in distributed systems and he has published over 60 papers in leading international journals and conferences.

Kevin will present his talk "Building Integrated Enterprise Scale Knowledge Graphs from Legacy Data". He will describe DataChemist's work with a Dutch-German multinational in which they constructed a knowledge graph, describing 2.1 billion relationships between 2.5 million people and companies in Poland since the fall of communism, from a combination of internal proprietary data and public data harvested from a range of disparate sources.