Data Science Ireland July 2019

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Come join us at the 16th Data Science Ireland Meetup which takes place on Thursday 11 July at Huckletree D2.

This is the best opportunity to meet & network with like-minded individuals in the Data Science and AI community in Ireland, as well as learn from more great speakers on all things AI and Data Science.


1. Fergal Toomey, Chief Data Scientist at Corvil

Title: "Making Markets Faster, Safer, and more Efficient - how Corvil uses data and machine learning to optimize financial trading infrastructure"

Fergal will explain how data tapped directly from networks can help operators overcome these difficulties. He will describe the characteristics of network data, the different ways in which it can be analyzed, and some of the customer problems that Corvil solves using machine learning powered by network data.

2. Amelia Kelly, Director of Speech Technology at Soapbox Labs

Title: "The future of children's voice technology"

Voice is set to replace typing, mouse clicks, touch and gesture as the dominant interface with technology, but voice interfaces don't work well for children's speech. Amelia will talk about how SoapBox Labs is creating a voice platform for kids' speech that is accurate, appropriate and leading the field in data privacy.

3. Hector Urdiales Llorens. Machine Learning Engineering Leader at Hubspot.

Title: "You won’t believe this one 'simple' trick that will help you solve your cold start problem!"

In this presentation, Hector will talk about how HubSpot mixes multiarmed bandits and deep learning to deal with exploration/exploitation trade-offs when there is no data *yet*.