• Shaping the Snowball - How to Tell Your Story

    DataTribe Headquarters

    Shaping the Snowball - How to Tell Your Story: It's Heard by Customers, Investors, Partners, and Employees. This session, led by Charles Gold, will include both a presentation on developing and sharpening your value proposition and elevator pitch as well as a hands-on workshop. For more than 20 years, Charles Gold has helped software, cloud and cybersecurity companies cut through the clutter to grow fast. He currently serves as EVP of Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer for Atomicorp, a leader in unified workload security. Before Atomicorp, Charles was the Chief Marketing Officer at Virtru, an encryption and data protection leader, where he drove a marketing-first customer acquisition strategy enabling the company to grow from zero to eight figures of annual recurring revenue and 8,000 corporate customers in just three years. The Washington Business Journal named him its 2017 CMO of the year for his contributions to the company's growth. Prior to Virtru, Charles led marketing efforts at category leaders including Sonatype, Progress Software, and Red Hat. In addition to full-time roles, Charles serves as a strategy and growth advisor to startup founders, CEOs, marketers.

  • New Zero-Day Vulnerability Discovered with the Centrifuge Platform™

    Evan Walls, vulnerability analyst with Tactical Network Solutions, takes you on his deeply technical journey toward the discovery and eventual weaponization of a zero-day vulnerability. This will be the first public announcement regarding this zero-day vulnerability found with ReFirm's Centrifuge Platform. The manufacturer has been notified. Along the path to discovery, Evan shares his thought processes, hypotheses, and his tools of the trade. Evan Walls is a vulnerability analyst and developer at Tactical Network Solutions, focusing on embedded system exploitation. When he isn’t searching for new exploits, he teaches training courses developed by TNS, including IoT Firmware Exploitation. Prior to working at TNS he was a Windows developer for the Department of Defense. Now that he’s seen the glory and freedom that is Linux he vowed never to use another windows development machine again. Non-alcoholic beverages and food will be available.

  • Go to Market Tactics for B2B Startups

    The DataTribe

    If you are an early stage startup looking to get to the next level, this discussion is for you! Many founders wonder why early company deals don't lead to scaling revenue after additional resources are added. Large sums of dollars are spent on hiring sales execs and marketing resources. Less than desired outcomes occur in 70% of the time. Often key elements are not in place before predictable revenue can happen. DataTribe's Tony Surak, CMO, will start this session by describing some of the must have components and tactics that need to be in place as one moves from product concept to a well funded growth machine. Next, Scott Stouffer will discuss the art of scaling startups using data-driven metrics and proven repeatable playbooks drawing on his experience as a four-time entrepreneur in the Washington DC area. Scott has many notable successes including Visual Networks which he founded and, under his leadership as CEO, grew to become a public company with more than 500 employees and $100 million in annual revenue. Please bring a valid form of ID. Beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages and food will be available.

  • Stacking the Deck to Maximize Your Startup’s Success

    DataTribe Headquarters

    Strong product management discipline is a force multiplier and key success factor for startups and mature companies alike. In figuring out product market fit, building an MVP, listening closely to customers, and continuing to improve and scale products as the company grows, early stage founders wear the hat of a product manager. However, many are unsure how to stack the deck in their favor. In this Meetup, John Funge, Chief Product Officer at DataTribe, will share lessons learned from his experience as a tech founder and product leader in companies large and small. Whether you’re working on a startup, have an idea and want to clarify what to do next, are a member of a technology team in a larger company, or just interested in how to roll out and manage a product, this meetup will deepen your product management knowledge and provide useful details on: - Effective product management in the context of an early-stage technology company - Common mistakes to avoid - How to evolve the process as a startup grows

  • Securing the Chinese Manufacturing Supply Chain

    The DataTribe

    Buddy Vernon, Refirm Lab's Cloud Architect will discuss how the Chinese Manufacturing Supply Chain impacts the end device and end user security. He'll address how economics of device design, distribution, and retailing are impacted and provide insight into the risk posture of high value products such as medial and automotive device firmware. Providing device consumers insight into the security posture of IoT and embedded devices, Buddy will show how Centrifuge is addressing part of the problem. Please bring a valid form of ID. Beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages and food will be available.

  • Startup CEO: Managing a Legal Team for Fun & Profit

    DataTribe Headquarters

    If you run a tech company you need legal help. DataTribe's Al Clark will share his expertise in providing legal counsel to local tech startups. He'll answer questions on how to gain the most out of and what to look for in legal counsel that will lead to a relationship of lowering risk and saving money.

  • Fireside Chat with Daniel Weinand, Co-founder of Shopify

    DataTribe Headquarters

    Daniel Weinand, co-founder of Shopify, the e-commerce platform used by more than 500,000 merchants, will share his perspective on product management, design and hyperscaling a global tech company. After co-founding Shopify, Daniel held a number of leadership positions including: Chief Design Officer, Chief Creative Officer, and Chief Culture Officer. In 2017, Daniel co-founded Blue Pacific Studios, a Los Angeles-based media production company. This event will help early stage founders and technology innovators understand: - How to evolve culture through a company’s different stages of growth - How to increase a company's competitive advantage with strong product management - The importance in maintaining a powerful and consistent brand Please bring a valid form of ID. Beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages and food will be available.

  • The Startup Journey: From Public Service to Successful Entrepreneurship

    Will Grannis, Managing Director Google CTO Office, will discuss his professional experiences spanning across entrepreneurship, public service, and Silicon Valley. Will was the founder of Google’s first CTO team. Prior to that, he bootstrapped a DC-based startup to a private exit after achieving a $10 million/year run rate. Will’s career began as US Army Officer with tours in artillery, signals, and intelligence. He earned an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania and is a graduate of West Point. This event will help early stage founders and technology innovators understand: - How to best leverage public service experience as an entrepreneur - How to bootstrap a technology company through growth - Relative differences between building a tech company in DC vs. the Bay Area Please bring a valid form of ID. Beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages and food will be available.

  • Acquisitions: How Tech Startups Get Bought

    It’s a very small number of startups that go public. The more common successful exit for startups is to be bought by another company. In this Meetup, John Funge, Chief Product Officer at DataTribe, will share stories from his experience having started, built and sold three companies. He’ll share his perspective as a founder to answer key questions and provide useful nuts and bolts details on the acquisition process - exactly how do acquisitions come about, what is the process, how do they work, and what happens after the deal is done? Early stage founders and technology innovators will leave with crucial takeaways for avoiding expensive mistakes that can get in the way of a deal down the road. We look forward to seeing you there and we thank Viget for co-hosting this event with us! Viget is a digital agency headquartered in Falls Church, VA made up of designers, engineers, and strategists who create award-winning digital products, experiences, and tools that inspire customers, extend capabilities, and advance business. Please bring a valid form of ID. Beer, wine, non-alcoholic drinks and food will be available.