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Carapace Storytelling: On a monthly theme, tell a true tale or just listen!
"CARAPACE" (The scientific name for an animal's shell) IS FREE, FUN, THOUGHT PROVOKING, RAUNCHY; what a great way to find out more about some potential new friends, or offer your own stories. Here's the description: "Carapace" is all about true personal stories told live by ordinary people, without notes, to a new theme every month. Volunteer names from the audience are drawn from a hat, and then they tell their five-minute story. "Carapace" is a unique event where the audience can suddenly become the performer and then become the audience again. Past topics have included "Scars", "Crazy Love", "Feuds & Rivalries", "My Most Fantastic Lie Ever", etc. Escape from your carapace and tell some life adventure stories, or listen to to others' most memorable tales being spun! Find us using the meetup app; it's a packed event so don't be late, text updates often and let us know you are still coming! Come on out y'all; Ted[masked]

Manuel's Tavern

602 North Highland Ave. · Atlanta, GA

What we're about

Hey! Got 5 hungry senses, right? Got a highly inquisitive and open mind seeking an array of culture, excitement and fascination? Do you wonder where the other people like you are? Let's meet here and share a moveable feast of our area's experiences; a salon of participants in and supporters of the arts, sciences, cultures and the best the world has to offer in our brief time here. We may contemplate Le Corbusier over Ethiopian food one night, perhaps find ourselves 5 shades of drunk at a punk show the next. So please, consider joining this group only if you have a lust for life, both a playful and a serious side, and a respect for a variety of funky, geeky, edgy, kitschy, intellectual and new experiences. As a team, we may just deliver on any and all of that! If you're still reading, perhaps you should join.

Bonus: Do you know what O.M.F.U.G. means? (Let M=Meetups in this case, btw - thanks C.B.G.B.'s) If so, you should DEFINITELY join. :)

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