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This group is being set up so that all the Front Range Linux groups will have a free resource to connect with Linux users of all skills and abilities. Whether you are a Linux Guru, or just learning join feel free to join our group and meet other like minded users. Regardless of your favorite distro, it is hoped that by making it easier or Linux users to come together, a better computing experience can be had by all.

And, if you are a Windows users and just curious about Linux, don't feel that you are not welcome to drop on by also. If anything, the Linux community is always willing to embrace you, and help you learn our ways

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Last night I spoke with several of you, though no where near enough of you, about how I want to expand this group. My vision was meet with many positive comments and suggestions. But now its time to start getting everything going.

I think the next step is to find others that want to help. Figuring out our priorities, and get working. For those I did not get to inform personally last night, here is what I am looking to do:

Get a webpage that can act as a central launching point not only for our own efforts, but also for those of one of the many other groups in town such as Clue, BLUG, CoLoCo, etc Ruby on Rails site using version 3.0.7 and Ruby 1.9.2. This has been started. It is currently hosted at Amazon (AWS) and the first draft page is hosted at http://www.frontrangelinux.com. Right now I am covering this without sponsors, but that will likely have to change in the future. I am also looking at Heroku for hosting Domain name is obviously set up and paid for A new more extensive site is currently sitting on my System76 Starling (hey Carl, how about that plug... free for you buddy, ha ha). Git is setup at the AWS server, but I have not checked in any code yet... coming soon. The version on my netbook uses the Devise and CanCan for access control. I am also looking to connect up to a document database such as MongoDB using MongoID. Stay tuned for further updates. Set up a blog for general help topics. I would like to find a solution that would publish a RSS feed to provide multiple ways to access the information Setup a Find Linux Help section -- This needs to work for people seeking everyone from a "help me solve this issue" to "can you help me set this up" to "can you help me maintain this from now on" to "I need to hire a geek full time" Set up on GitHub so we can start on a new FOSS project. There are two projects I would like to work on, and some of you have had similar thoughts. Home computer setup. This would be a series of computers similar to what people work on at their jobs. But with a home control panel, so we could work on small net terminals that you could put in the kids room, and a firewall that watches what they are doing, without having to have an IT System Engineer in the house. It should tie into things like Media Centers, and maybe even a home security system. A Small Business out of the box setup. Everything from desktops, to servers, and centralized security. It should be simple enough for the average business manager can run a business with only occasional help from a geek. Finally, lets help others. Especially charities, schools, and business startups. Anyone where a little charity will help both the helper and the helpee, as well as the Linux community as a whole. So, why this long explanation? Well now its time to start rolling up our sleeves and delving out the work. If you are an advanced linux geek, we could really use your help. If you are more, well, um, "junior level", we could still use your help. This is a great opportunity to help, learn, and make Linux more accessable to more people.

My fiancee is requiring my help right now, but within a few days, I should be able to set a date and time. My first idea would be something near the middle of the month, after work, at Falling Rock Taphouse. They have free WiFi, it is centrally located downtown, and if we time it right around a Rockies road game, should be pretty easy for everyone to get to.

Please comment on this meetup event, with ideas and comments.



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