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The Denver Quantified Self Meetup is for people who want to leverage cutting edge tools and techniques to gain more knowledge about themselves, make personalized informed decisions, optimize their habits, and discover who they can become.

Topics include: Wearable Computing, Behavior Monitoring and Modification, Psychological / Personality Assessments, Motivation, Biohacking, Exercise, Nootropics (Smart Drugs), Sleep Hacking,Digital Health Records (including Privacy), Crowdsourcing Medical Research and Diagnostics, Personal Genome Sequencing, Heart Rate Variability, integrations with Artificial Intelligence / Cognitive Computing / Machine Learning / Virtual Assistants and the Internet of Things (IoT), and more!

This group was founded by Paul LaFontaine who started as a member of the London QS Meetup group and has spoken at meetups in London, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Oxford as well as presented at the QS EU Conference in Amsterdam. This group will continue to be associated with the national QS community. Learn more about QS in at the QS blog http://www.quantifiedself.org .

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