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Instagram For Business - What's The Big Deal?
Learn how to grow a targeted following on Instagram and use it to grow your local business..for FREE! Info Video link: Are you a local business owner that owns a brick and mortar or an online business? Have you tried growing your business on Instagram with little or no success? Or do you think that Instagram is not the right place for your business? Well if you answered yes to any of those questions, then the Instagram Marketing Masterclass For Small Businesses is something you might want to consider. Instagram now has over 1 BILLION users and over 800 MILLION active monthly users and is the FASTEST growing social media platform now in 2018. Just about every kind of business is seeing success on Instagram, however Instagram is still one of the last platforms that many small business owners are utilizing, which means there is still room for you to become an authority in your niche/industry on Instagram and make money. However, with its rapid growth, that will not be the case much longer. Here are a few quick stats you may not be aware of: *Instagram is now the second largest social media platform *It has 58 times more engagement than Facebook and 152 times more engagement than Twitter *The average purchase on Instagram is $65 versus the average purchase on Facebook is $55 *An estimated 71% of US big businesses use Instagram *80% of users on Instagram follow and engage with a business on Instagram So, if you know how to grow your business on Instagram correctly, you will see much higher engagement and higher average sales than Facebook. It clearly is not a question of IF your business should be on Instagram, it is a question of will you be too late to get on Instagram. However, another important stat is that 70% of Instagram posts NEVER get seen! So merely just being on Instagram is NOT enough. You must know exactly what to do in order to not only be seen, but also thrive! In this 3-hour Intensive “hands-on” Instagram Marketing Masterclass, you will learn from an Instagram marketing expert that has been on Instagram since 2012 and be shown over the shoulder how to properly grow your local business on Instagram so that it gets seen. At the end of this workshop you will know everything you need to optimize your business on Instagram to start generating engagement, leads, traffic and sales for your business. Here are some of the things you will learn at this masterclass: *How to Find Your Perfect Audience on Instagram *How to Gain 100+ Real, Targeted and Active Followers Every Day 100% Free! *How to Increase Your Engagement By 300% in 24 Hours. *The Most Valuable Part of Your Instagram That 98% of Business Owners Are NOT Using Correctly. *How to Properly Research & Use Hashtags (this is where most everyone fails) *Proper Instagram Etiquette and How to Engage with Your Target Audience *Content Creation, How to Easily Source & Create it. *What Time of the Day and Week You Should Be Posting for the Best Engagement *How to use Influencer Marketing on Instagram and Shout-outs *How to use Instagram Stories the right way *And much more! About the instructor: Matt Aponte has been a successful entrepreneur since the age of 16 when he built his first business and sold it at age 20. He is the Founder of a Digital Marketing agency since 2009 and he and his team have been providing digital marketing and social media marketing services since 2011. In 2016 he and his team created which is a social media marketing agency that provides small business services exclusively for Instagram. In 2016 he created the “Advanced Instagram Training Made Easy” video course. He has built multiple Instagram accounts and has a personal network of over 30,000 targeted and organic followers on Instagram. He is a marketing coach and currently coach’s local business owners in the Denver area on how to grow their business on Instagram.

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