What we're about

TDFG (The Digital Filmmaking Group) is a filmmaking production group for filmmakers and actors/actresses. If you can dedicate your time, knowledge and skills towards starting and completing film projects, we'd love to have you join us.

It’s all about being a team player within a production unit, all working towards the same goal - getting the movie made! TDFG is here to help you build confidence and inspire each other, while working as a team. We can’t expect to do big things if we can’t finish small things.


What’s our goal?
As a new group, we will start with small filmmaking projects and eventually work towards longer projects. Our goal is long term. We are not here to just drink beer and talk. We are here to actually make movies!

If you always dreamed of getting that chance of making your big break into movie making, TDFG Meetup Group could be the one to bring you closer to that dream. But you have to have commitment. No dream is too big if you’re working with committed people.

So, if you are a:

Actor / Actress


Lighting Technician

Make-Up Artist

Hair Stylist


Costume Designer

Set Designer


Location Scout

Script Writer

Story Boarder

Camera Operator

Grip or Gaffer

Sound Technician

…and any skills related to filmmaking, come join us!

Past events (4)

Actors - Producing your Demo Reel - Sunday 16th October

San Francisco Towers, Happy Valley

Script Rehearsal - Happy Valley Bar & Grill

Happy Valley Bar & Grill.

First Meeting of TDFG - Sunday 5th June 2016

Marbling by Mr.Steak

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