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If this sounds like you...
- You pinky-promised yourself to go on a diet but after a long day at work, you find that white-chocolate-macadamia-cookie looking at you seductively
- You wake up >7 times a day hitting the snooze button, repeating the thing you hate so much many more times
- You put in 832998 hours visualising your perfect future and have long to-do lists and action steps in your calendar but when the time to do it comes, you suddenly need to cut your toe-nails... or reply that unimportant but urgent message from that annoying person you are pretending to be nice to

Or you want to...
- Have mind-blowing super fantastic crazy FUN on your way to the top
- Hack discipline to make your goals EASY... to the point you wonder why you were doing it hard and not getting results
- Go from that stupid Singapore rat-race living other people's shoulds, to working on your genius and getting paid Ferraris for it.

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