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Experience and receive insight and energetic healing from Egyptian deities, intuited by Jennifer Yost, MA, and accompanied by Samantha Parrott. Journey energetically through guided meditation to meet with, The Divine Egyptian Council, that are: Vishnu, Set, Anubis, Ammit, Horus, Osiris, Isis, Maat, and, Thoth. Participants are brought before The Council to have questions answered and out dated patterns transmuted.

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Healing w Horus- Trusting Inner Guidance

IntraSpace (Old Rainier Brewery)


*** The subject topic & upgrade focus for this upcoming group is, 'Trusting Your Inner Guidance.' We all have that inner voice that we tend to ignore more times then not, or have difficulty discerning if it is legitimate. In this group healing, we will receive enhancements to our intuitive experiencing to create for clearer and more direct discernment. Decision making, Divine Knowing, and intuitive impressions will be refined and made more accessible in your everyday life experiences, making your navigation though life easier.*** This intuitive group experience connects you directly to the Falcon God, Horus, facilitated by Jennifer Yost, MA, accompanied by live singing bowls with sound healer, John Gilbert. Attendees receive healing and insights for physical and emotional issues, as well as energetic upgrades to your consciousness for unity connection, globally and personally. Through Jennifer's mystic connection to Horus, she channels His energy and teachings for you to receive and evolve on all levels of your being. You may visit Jennifer's blog to review the previous group meditation experiences, http://integratehealing.blogspot.com/ . For more info about Jennifer, visit, http://www.IntegrateHealing.com/ Cost: $20, cash or PayPal accepted on or before the event. Thank you.

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Journey Session with The Divine Egyptian Council

IntraSpace (Old Rainier Brewery)


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