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This is a goddess circle which helps women create a bridge between the human experience and the divine--and the natural consequence of this is that the soul's purpose can then be revealed. The end result is the actualization of women in their highest expression for use in their families, their relationships, business and careers...and on out into the world.

Like anything new, it's important to create a womb of women to receive, hold and nurture each other through this process. Read below to get a sense of the tone, and if it strikes something in your heart, please do join us.

Please join us in gathering for play in women’s wisdom and to receive union with one another.

Sister to sister, heart to heart, together we ignite and strengthen the flame of the Goddess within, in the full embrace of all that we are. Let us weave together our immeasurable love and heartfelt desire to anchor the Divine Feminine on this planet--and in so doing, create an undeniable mecca of light in service to each other, our families and the world.

The circles are a chance to lie down in reverence of the deep beauty that we are and to rest in that which is holy within. It is a place to bring your immense love: for the world and for your families and children. Bring your dreams, your desires, your aspirations so that we might dream them together with you. Bring your worries, your struggles and concerns so that we might hold and support you. And as well, bring your deep longing to make things better here, as only a woman can do.

This is an opportunity to be truly known in the totality of who you are. Come to see and to be seen. To heal and to be healed. To right what is misunderstood and to be fully received in the grace of the Divine Feminine. Allow yourself to be held in the safety of her compassion and guided by her wisdom. Let us create Home and sanctuary right here, together.

This is a sacred gathering of women helping women, in service of the Divine Feminine. These circles are my offering to you, made in love, beauty, and in the very highest.

Come as you are and bring all the parts of you. We embrace it all.

The circles begin. Starting in Austin, Texas, USA.

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