Intellectual Property and Startup Valuations

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When people are asked what their first thought is on the word ’patent’, the first thing that comes to mind is 'protect your technology'.

In this session, we’ll discuss how patents - and intellectual property (IP) in general- can be used to generate, promote and even protect the value of entrepreneurship…and we’ll show you how the sky’s the limit when it comes to patents and the value of IP.

We’ll also discuss how startup valuations, capital raising and future exit values are not only impacted by a startup’s development stage, but by many other factors as well, including patents and IP value.

In this meetup, we will:

- Discuss how to build and manage companies’ IP portfolios and strategy.

- Look at how IP can form a part of business development - and what happens if it doesn’t.

- Analyze how patents/ IP impact your startup valuation.

- Simulate the financial impact of a new term sheet on founders and investors' dilution.

This meeting will be targeted to entrepreneurs, CFOs, and tech startups who are raising or have already raised capital from private investors or venture capital firms (from seed stage until M&A or IPO).

The meeting will consist of professional lectures, given by two experts in the field:


17:30-18:00: Registration and Networking

18:00-18:45: Generating Value - The Role of IP and Patents

18:45-19:30: Maximizing the Percentage of Your Company to Offer Investors at Different Rounds

19:30-19:45: Q&A

Confirmed panelists include:

Amit Cohen (, Patent Attorney, Partner at Amit Cohen Patent Attorneys (

Raphael Meyara, ( Valuation Expert and CEO at AlgoValue (

In Cooperation with:

Amit Cohen Patent Attorneys (

AlgoValue - Online Valuation and Cap Table Analysis Platform (

IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industry (

Gvahim -The Hive by Gvahim (