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Dear Children of the Stones,

You should join this group if you feel an in druidism, druidry, personal empowerment, spiritual growth, earth centered philosophies, etc. We focus on Druidism which means we are looking for those who would like to understand who the Druids were and imitate their way of life. So if you have ever thought of being druidic or feel a calling to it, this group is for you. I started this group because I am looking for others in the area who feel a calling to druidry and Earth-Centered Philosophies.

All skill levels are welcome to be part of us. I started this group to meet other conservative druids in the area and I am looking forward to exploring the outdoors with everybody. We hope you can make it to our group discussions and gatherings. I am looking to commune with others who are like-minded and like-spirited. If you are interested and inquisitive and want to be an active member, please join. Come to a few events before making a decision if our group is right for you.

While we discourage discussing political topics we want to provide a "safe space" for conservative voices. Our focus is the Kindred who are our Deities, Metaphysicals, and Ancestors. We are the Social Networking arm that's part of a Druid School and Religious Order. We are an accessible group and will make sure we accommodate you. We are a "respect for all" group and will not participate in virtue signaling or forced diversity. We believe every voice is important and valuable. We shut no voice down but add to others' opinions and experiences. We look forward to meeting you!

Website (https://www.TheDruidCircle.org)

YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPY6RjG2dtUkydhk-cuEBAA)

Be it thus, be it thus! Beidh sé go breá! Gyda Awen!

Drd. Nioclás Deaglán, OCAB
May this be a teaching and... May the Gods bless you ✠ may the Goddesses keep you ✠ may the Mysticals shine their Light upon you ✠ and may your Ancestors remain with you forever and ever ✠ Gyda Awen!

Beidh sé go breá! Arn Nit! Éist le mo ghuí! Tá sé fíor, tá sé fíor!

Drd. Nioclás Deaglán, OCAB
Founder, The Druid Circle, et. al.
Fourth Novitiate, Druid Order of Blest Stone and Wood
First Degree Druid, Druid University
Editor, Druid Living, A Conservative Pagan Media Outlet
Facilitator, Druid Society International

*The official name for our religious order is, "Druid Ord na mCloch Agus Adhmad Bheannaithe," pronounced as follows: [DDRUEET ord nahm CLOGH AH-goos AH-mahd BAHN-ah-heh], hence, OCAB.

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