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Dear Children of the Stones, The Druid Circle is a place to come as you are. It is coming to hearth. Each of our meetups are unique including this one in that we try to do things that our “beyond the box” thinking. Please enjoy your time with us! INTRODUCTION: Who wouldn't want to share the experience of seeing Aquaman with other druids? Let's meet up at the movies at the UA Riverview Plaza Movie Theatre, located at 1400 S. Columbus Blvd · Philadelphia, PA and we will see you there for the 4:00pm show. We will meet in the lobby of the movie theater about 30 minutes before the show that begins at 4:00pm. WHAT WE WILL DO: The adventures of Arthur Curry, king of Atlantis, and member of the Justice League learns that he is the heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, and must step forward to lead his people and be a hero to the world. Before the movie we will have a discussion about the mythology of Atlantis and compare it with Fior Usga and the connections it could have with druidism. Obviously, there is plenty of theatrical licensing here and it will be fun to watch this entertaining movie. OTHER NOTES: Please bring at least 20 bucks with you which could get you a popcorn, beverage, and your ticket. Make sure to buy your tickets online We will meet in the lobby of the movie theater about 30 minutes before the show that begins at 4:00pm. If you need reasonable accommodations please message us and we will see how we can accomodate you. Please buy your tickets in advance. While donations to “The Druid Circle” are strongly encouraged, they are not needed they are always appreciated to cover any out of pocket costs. IMPORTANT POINTS: Please come with an open mind. This is an accessible event but if you need reasonable accommodations, please let us know. RULES AND REGS: You must sign up for any of our events to come. You may use the "Bring a Guest" option for someone who isn't on Meetup as well. We also don't allow for any bias against anyone for their race, creed, orientation, ability, etc. You must sign up for the event to come. This is a FREE event, but we need your name so you can sign in with the concierge at the front desk. We are all in this together and follow the same rules as found in Meetup's guidelines found here: NEW COMERS: You don't have to consider yourself a Druid. If you are interested in Druidism, then this may be a good group to link up with as a starting point for your path. Our focus is druidism and we are an apolitical group. Please do not discuss politics at our events. We use what we learn for self-empowerment and building our group of different persuasions. OTHER LINKS: If you are interested in connecting with us in other ways, please check out our links below. They will help you see a better picture of what we are about as well. WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE: MEETUP: Beidh sé go breá, which means, "it all works out". Gyda Awen! Nioclás Deaglán, Founder, The Druid Circle First Year Novitiate, Druid Solitary

UA Riverview Plaza Movie Theatre

1400 S. Columbus Blvd · Philadelphia, PA

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Dear Children of the Stones,

You should join this group if you are interested in druidism, druidry, personal empowerment, spiritual growth, earth centered philosophies, etc. We focus on Druidism which means we are looking for those who would like to understand who the Druids were and imitate their way of life. So if you have ever thought of being druidic or feel a calling to it, this group is for you. I started this group because I am looking for others in the area who feel a calling to druidry and Earth-Centered Philosophies.

All skill levels are welcome to be part of us. I started this group to meet other druids in the area and I am looking forward to exploring the outdoors with everybody. We hope you can make it to our group discussions and gatherings. I am looking to commune with others who are like-minded and like-spirited. We are looking for truly interested and inquisitive individuals and hope you stick around for a while. So come to a few events before making a decision if our group is right for you.

This is a political-free space and we discourage discussing political topics. Our focus is Source and the Kindred who are our Deities, Fay, and Ancestors. We are the Social Empowerment arm of an Awen which also has a Druid School and Religious Order. We are also an accessible group and will make sure to accommodate you. We are a "respect for all" group and will not tolerate bias against anyone's race, gender, creed, orientation, ability, etc. We believe every voice is important and valuable and we shut no voice down but add to others' opinions and experiences.

Please check out our online discussion group and our page on Facebook. We look forward to meeting you!

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"Beidh sé go breá!" [Behd SHEY goh BDRæ] meaning, "it all works out!"

Gyda Awen!

Nioclás Deaglán,
Founder, The Druid Circle
Second Novitiate, Druid Solitary
Druid Order of Blest Stone and Wood

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