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MASTER'ing your Mind! - An introduction to NLP -
An introduction to NLP and my MASTER System. Back again due to popularity. (Limited seating so make sure you register!) This is the basis of my beliefs and learning's and is outlined in my book 'The Blackbelt Mastermind'. MASTER stands for 'Masterful, Attitude, Strength and Tenacity Equals Results'. I will tell you my journey and my obstacles and how I picked myself back up with the help of my self development journey and my learning's from Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Research has proven that our unconscious habits rule the majority of our actions and decisions. Knowing how to change these habits and being aware of them and how they form gives us back control. We are not our brains. Our brain works for us and in this Meetup I will discuss the 6 Steps you can take to lead a happier and more fulfilling life. * You will discover what your internal voice is saying. * How to change these thoughts to more useful ones by asking better questions. * How to get back your motivation and find your purpose. * How to be happier more often. Remember..... Its not your aptitude but your ATTITUDE that determines your altitude! Approx. 1 Hour Talk followed by Q&A and networking time - €10 donation at the door. I look forward to meeting you! Danielle Serpico ( Your Mind Coach Coach, Hypnotist & NLP Trainer with the Society of NLP Author * Radio Broadcaster * BlackBelt

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The Dublin Mastermind Group is a community resource for inspiration, motivation and taking action with our thoughts.... The Masterminds mission is to inspire, educate and empower us to be, always, in the 'drivers seat' of our mind.

* To always be MINDFUL.
* To BE the BEST that we are in all that we DO.
*To be our true authentic selves and to always be AWARE and SENTIENT of the world we live in.

For anyone who wants change, is frustrated with their lives and ready for change or simply wants to help someone or improve themselves. The Masterminds main message is that true peace, happiness and empowerment is only a 'mindset' away.

With the the help of leading Self Development methods and ideologies, we will explore, develop and create new neural pathways and unconscious patterns to lead us to a more fulfilling and empowered life.

We will also introduce various Guest Speakers that compliment the idea of Self Development and a more fulfilling life, from other aspects and introduce the concept of Health and Wealth for Mind, Body & Soul.

It is FREE to join and we look forward to meeting you very soon.
Please Message with any questions or Topics you may like covered.

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