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The Dutch Clojure meetup
The Dutch Clojure meetup
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This November, the kind folks at Synple ( are hosting us and sponsoring food to give us enough carbs to get through our geeky night. Hail Synple!

The agenda for tonight will see Alexander Pantiukhov showing how to leverage ClojureScript to create decentralized apps (

Here's the agenda for tonight:

18:30 🍕 Doors open / pizza

19:00 🌟 Alexander Pantiukhov: ClojureScript in the decentralized world

19:45 🍺 Social / networking / chat


The talks

ClojureScript in the decentralized world

Decentralization is the word that is used in the cryptoeconomics space most frequently, and “making everything decentralized” is a trend that captures minds of startup founders and venture capitalists nowadays. But can we do this? And, more importantly, can we use one of our favorite languages (which is, of course, Clojure) to write truly decentralized and reliable web applications? We can at least try and figure out together. In this talk, I will demonstrate how Solidity, web3, IPFS, and Swarm can be combined in one small, but potentially powerful single-page application written in ClojureScript.


The speakers

Alexander Pantiukhov

A guy from Russia who now lives in Amsterdam and together with several awesome developers creates and polishes the website called VakantieDiscounter. Loves open-source, has his own projects and contributes to, which is the mobile gateway to the Ethereum planet. Interested in the blockchain, believes in the better web and loves dogs more than cats.