The Dutch Clojure meetup

The Dutch Clojure meetup
The Dutch Clojure meetup
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Every 2nd Wednesday of the month

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Once again, the Dutch Clojure meetup is on the move! Thanks to Avisi, we'll be visiting their offices in Arnhem and experience the proverbial Joy of Clojure(tm owned by @chouser and @fogus) in its Gelderlandish flavor.

We have a couple talks tonight, here's the agenda:

• 18:30 🍕 Doors open // Pizza time

• 19:00 🕸️ Gerard Klijs: Expose your Kafka with GraphQL

• 19:30 ⏰ Mitchel Kuijpers: Crux - A bitemporal graph database

• 20:15 🍻Networking // hallway chit-chats

=== Our Talks ===

☛ Expose your Kafka with GraphQL

I will demo and show some code how especially GraphQL subscriptions can be used with Kafka to create reactive applications. I will also give some pointers what you might run into when running in production.

☛ Crux - A bitemporal graph database

We've been happily using Datomic for about 3 years now. Going back in time has saved us more than once with production issues. Querying our database with Datalog is expressive and concise.
Due to certain limitations, we are unable to use Datomic for our new project, so we got really excited when we saw Crux. Crux is an open source document database with bitemporal graph queries. Crux provides Java and Clojure APIs. The public alpha has only been available since the 19th of April, but we're really excited about Crux and want to share our excitement with you.
This presentation will introduce you to Crux. We'll show you how and why Crux does what it does. We'll also explain why we're making the switch to Crux for our new project.

=== Our Speakers ===

☛ Gerard Klijs

Gerard has been a Java developer for over 7 years, most of the time related to Web Development. About 3 years ago he started using Clojure(script) for passion projects. One of them, open-bank-mark, has grown a bit out of hand. It's several services using event sourcing, Kafka, GraphQL, to simulate a bank.

☛ Mitchel Kuijpers

Mitchel is a typical full stack developer, who understands everything involved from mouse-click to server behavior. Mitchel has a strong knowledge of UI development and a particular focus on development round trips.
Architecturally Mitchel solves problems related to scaling, data and developer experience. Functional programming and immutability are keywords that currently make his day.

=== Our Hosts ===

Founded in 2000 and based in Arnhem, Avisi is a software company with 90 employees. All of us are passionate about delivering seamless software experiences to our clients. This shines through in our commitment to everything we do. We love to share our knowledge to help and inspire and we will always look for ways to keep excelling

Tips how to find our office from:
- parking garage:
- station Arnhem Centraal: