• Semi-virtual Meetup about MongoDB / modern C++17

    Hi all! Thanks to Kaloian Manassiev who is an Engineering Lead at MongoDB and is opening an R&D center in Barcelona which is pretty cool, but also he'll be speaking at the Barcelona C++ Meetup 9th of October. This hopefully means a Meetup for us as well because we are kindly allowed to virtually join their Meetup (via big screen with audio+video)! We just have to find a location with a screen + sound, but I hope we do. :) Please contact one of the organizers or leave a comment if you think your company would be interested in hosting this Meetup! If you are close to Barcelona it makes sense to join directly via their Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/C-Programmer-Meetup/events/264988138 -- For convenience I have copy- & pasted their description: ================= MongoDB is the most popular database for scalable modern applications and at its core is a large open-source [ https://github.com/mongodb/mongo ], cross-platform C++-17 code base. One of the most important features of the database platform is its Distributed Systems offering, which provides seamless scaling, high availability and performance, and abstracts difficult synchronization problems from the users, giving them the “illusion” that they are connected to a single server. This talk will introduce MongoDB, will give some facts about its engineering team and codebase and then will explain some of the interesting distributed algorithms which have been implemented for data balancing and distributed transactions. The talk will be given by Kaloian Manassiev an Engineering Lead at MongoDB, so please bring all your doubts and questions with you. You are welcome to "grill" the speaker :-) ================= Proposed schedule for now: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 18:00 - We all gather, have some Pizza & drinks 19:00 - We join the BCN Meetup via A/V link 20:00 - Q&A followed by final drinks & chat Location: Copernica! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Huge thanks to Copernica for being able to help us out with hosting the Meetup! For those that haven't been here yet, their office is located conveniently close to Amsterdam CS.

  • Summer C++ Meetup: Sun, Sand and C++ (Date changed!)

    Buikslotermeerplein 161

    Hi all! It's been a while, but we'll have another Meetup! It would still be great if someone could prepare a talk for < 30 minutes, or maybe a few smaller talks < 15 min by a few?. Right now we have a talk of +/- half an hour.. We have a location though! Thanks a bunch to Blender, you might know about their 3D Software. They can host up to 30-40 people, so I've adjusted the max. number of RSVP's a bit. I couldn't find a location for the 18th though, so I'll have to re-schedule this Meetup to one week later, and I'm very sorry if this makes it impossible for some people to still attend.. The location is easy accessible by public transport (Noord-Zuid lijn) or car. The address can be found at https://www.blender.org/institute/ Buikslotermeerplein[masked] ET Amsterdam. One request: is there anyone that can sponsor some Pizza's? We have a fridge with drinks but no food yet :) Schedule so far (25th(!) of July 2019) 19:00 - Everybody welcome, food & drinks & snacks 19:45 - Intro from me & Intro from Blender 20:00 - Talk: Performance effects of noexcept - Niels Dekker Q&A / small break? 20:45 - Talk: What is 10 degrees + 10 degrees? - Wouter van Ooijen 21:15 - Final drinks more chatting ** Some small changes to above schedule can still be made.. ** Cheers, Ray

  • Let's start the week diving in Overload Resolution!

    Government of Amsterdam

    Hi everyone! It's been a while but thanks to Tim (our previous quiz winner!) we are now in touch with Barbara Geller & Ansel Sermersheim (speakers at CppCon 2018)! And thanks to Odin Holmes (also speaker) for coining the idea at this event to organize a Meetup at our group! Victor (our previous quiz master) generously offered to host the Meetup at his company (https://summitto.com) which is located in the B Building. Thanks :) Ansel and Barbara are passing through on their way to emBO++ - The C++ conference in Bochum. Organized every year by Odin Holmes. It looks like there are still tickets by the way! (www.embo.io date is 14th to the 17th of March). Thanks again and I hope everybody can come on this Monday! Abstract ------------ We will discuss what constitutes a function overload and the process the compiler follows to decipher which overload function or method to call. The rules are complex and we will condense this section of the standard to the essential rules every programmer should be aware of. Knowing how overload resolution works will improve your ability to debug compile errors and improve the API for your classes. You will learn the meaning of buzzwords like implicit conversion, standard conversions, and tie-breakers. Location: ------------- B Building Johan Huizingalaan 763a Room: The Richard (UPDATED!) Amsterdam Program ------------ 19:00 - Everybody welcome, food & drinks & snacks 19:50 - Welcome by summitto 20:00 - Talk: Operator Resolution 20:45 - Q&A 21:00 - Final drinks more chatting Parking ---------- Parking is available. The first two hours are free, after which pay two EUR per hour. Payment occurs by card when you exit the parking lot.

  • Hoofddorp++


    Hi everyone! We have an awesome Meetup prepared for November the 22nd in Hoofddorp at Irdeto Headquarters! I've seen the spaces and they are superb. There will also be plenty of warm food (buffet), beer, wine and soft drinks which will be provided by Irdeto. Please note we start earlier then normal and it's not in Amsterdam, but in my opinion not that far from it. There is parking available, but if you come by train for example it's +/- 15 minutes from Sloterdijk and 22 minutes from Central Station. From Hoofddorp station it's just a 3 minute walk. There will be three short talks given on various topics that I am sure will be very interesting! And we'll start with a (hopefully) fun C++ quiz to warm up :) == NOTE: Please send me a full name for guestlist == In case you are not using your full name (last and surname) on Meetup.com; could you please send me a message or e-mail with it, so I can add first + last name on the guest list for security? Also for +1, +2, etc.? == Guest Speakers (20 minute talks + 10 minute Q&A) == 1st. Sergey Rachev - Aggregate, not inherit with C++17 std::variant Ideally, a program would be completely statically (compile-time) type safe. Unfortunately, that is not possible. Problem areas: - unions - casts - array decay - range errors - narrowing conversions These areas are sources of serious problems (e.g., crashes and security violations). C++17 tries to provide alternative techniques. Let's take a look at “discriminated union”, “type-safe union” or “sum type” a.k.a std::variant and see how this brand new std::variant from C++17 works and where it might be useful. 2nd. Abel Moyo - Project best practices – Unit Testing C++ projects from the ground up This talk is for all those times we start C++ projects and as an afterthought realize we needed to add unit tests. With the use of googletest and cmake we discover how it is possible to create fully tested C++ projects from the start. 3rd. John Muller - CONAN, the barbarian package manager [CANCELLED] Python has pip, node has npm, c# has nuget and c++ has now Conan. A powerful, decentralized and multi-platform package manager. Let’s dig into its concepts. Thanks to all you guys for preparing something for this Meetup! == Agenda == [masked]PM: Dinner (warm buffet) and Networking[masked]PM: C++ Quiz Powered by Mentimeter[masked]PM: Guest Talks and Q&A[masked]PM: Networking Borrel

  • Uncle Bob and C/C++ close to hardware

    Needs a location

    Hey everyone! As we mentioned yesterday at the Meetup, 040coders.nl is organizing a very interesting event at ASML! (Location: Eindhoven / Veldhoven) Not trying to troll you all with the "max. 1 attendees" for this Meetup, the reason for this is that registration can be done at their Meetup instead :) Registration + more info here: https://www.meetup.com/040coders-nl/events/251956585/ Maybe see you there!

  • Gamedev, EC crypto and more!


    Hi there! I am honored to announce a new Meetup in Amsterdam at Guerrilla (https://www.guerrilla-games.com/). Their lead developer Frank Compagner will be presenting some of their C++ solutions used in their games in a 30 minute presentation. We also have another 15 minute talk from Victor Sint Nicolaas, co-founder of summitto (https://summitto.com): "EC crypto for developers" and possibly another talk on C++ and as a fallback we also have a interactive C++ quiz prepared! For now the rough plan is: - 19:00 - start, drinks + pizza - 19:50 - welcome and intro from Guerrilla + first talk - 20:30 - short break - 20:45 - EC crypto for developers - Victork - ~21:00 - last drinks

  • Lightning Talks! ⚡⚡⚡ part 2


    Hey everyone! Thanks to quite a few companies that really tried to help out making this Meetup happen before, but unfortunately in the end I had to cancel a Meetup for the very first time. However on July 26th the Meetup *will* be happening, and it will be at Copernica! == Location == Copernica has an awesome space that fits 70 people. It's only a few minutes walking from Amsterdam CS. The address is: De Ruijterkade 112, Amsterdam. Google maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/6HJnS == Schedule == We have a few lightning talks! Niels Dekker could use some extra time for his talk and since we don't have such a busy schedule this time his will be longer :) - Niels - C++ and Embedded development as a student (15mins) - Oleksandr - CMake (15mins) - Andrey - CMake (15mins) - Ray - Creating a composable class with variadic templates (10mins) - Niels Dekker - A modern C++ range for neighborhood pixel iteration with ITK (30 mins) (These are the estimates I remembered, they could be +/- a few minutes.) 7:00pm - Welcome, drinks & pizza! 7:45pm - Start with talks, maybe with some small Q&A in between +/- 9:30pm - We're probably done, more drinks +/- 10:00pm - The end.

  • Lightning Talks! ⚡⚡⚡

    The Cloud Amsterdam

    Hi all, We'll be organizing some lightning talks at Amazon HQ in Amsterdam! Having many different topics is in theory interesting for the attendees, but also for speakers it can be more "doable" to prepare something of short duration as opposed to a full-length hour long talk, and it's a nice way to practice presenting. To anyone interested in giving a short talk about something around the topic of C++: you would very welcome and please let us know. =) You can also leave suggestions for others if you don't want to give a talk yourself. For example a lightning talk can be 1, 2, 5, 10 or 15 minutes. And also in whatever format suits you. You can use slides, no slides, just show some code, do a quiz/etc.. Last time we did this in 2016 the atmosphere was really friendly, you view it as an example: https://www.meetup.com/The-Dutch-Cpp-Group/events/229732222/ Already a few people have expressed interest in giving a talk, once the list has grown a bit I will update it here in the description. ### Talks ### Not for all talks I have full titles yet, but here is the list so far. If I forgot to add anyone please remind me, it is definitely a mistake in that case. - Michael - Selene: Image representation and I/O in C++14 (15 mins) - Petar - math-linear-algebra library c+11/14 (10 mins) - Chiel - Modular Allocators - Niels - C++ and Embedded development as a student - Orest - Argument Dependent Lookup (20 mins) - Sagar - exception of *no naked new* rule - Oleksandr - CMake - Andrei - CMake - Albert - Type erasure, the magic behind std::function (15mins) - Ray - Creating a composable class with variadic templates (10mins) I know of a at least two people who are considering preparing something so the list will probably grow a bit more, and still we could use a few extra talks! ### When & Where ### Thursday 24th of May The address: Amazon Development Center The Cloud Amsterdam Meester Treublaan 7, 1097 DP Amsterdam Google maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/G21swJDGB2L2 Many thanks to Amazon for hosting us! 19:00 - doors open, time for networking, food, drinks 20:00 - start w/ intro and Lightning talks (with breaks in between) 21:30 - last drinks 22:00 - the end (Tentative: details to this may change!)

  • Compilers! Undefined behavior and Functional safety

    ==> For the guest list security requested a list of full names of people, including +1's, so if you want please update your Meetup profile or just send me your name, it will only be for this one time list <== Time to catch up again and deep dive into Undefined behavior and compiler optimisations with a well-known member of our community! Maciej works on ultra-fast C++ trading applications and also teaches Modern C++ to his colleagues. We’ll explore interesting cases of undefined behavior and compiler optimizations working together. Marcel, CTO from Solid Sands, a company specialised in testing and verification of compilers for safety-critical industries, has kindly offered to give a talk on Functional safety - "Is your compiler safe?". # Schedule 06:00 PM – Socializing with food and drinks 06:30 PM – Intro 06:35 PM – A closer look on Undefined behaviour and compiler optimisations 07:15 PM – Short break 07:30 PM – Functional safety - Is your compiler safe? 08:15 PM – Final drinks 09.00 PM – The end # Venue Thanks Optiver for hosting! The address is: Strawinskylaan 3095 Amsterdam in the Atrium building. Public Transport is recommended since it's close to the train station Amsterdam Zuid WTC and parking is very expensive in this area. Google maps: https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=Strawinskylaan+3095%2C+Amsterdam%2C+nl [Attached the instructions as photos] See also: # Maciej Gajewski - A closer look on Undefined behaviour and compiler optimisations Abstract: We’ll explore few interesting instances of undefined behaviour and compiler optimizations working together. We all know that invoking UB can, theoretically, result in your hard-drive being formatted. But what actually happens? What will the compiler do? Bio: Maciej currently works for Optiver as a C++ developer and trainer. He has worked with C++ since 2000 in different domains, from programming embedded systems in industrial devices, to low-latency code in HFT trading. He has a Masters in Robotics from Wrocław University of Technology. # Marcel Beemster - Is your compiler safe? Abstract: Would you step into a car if you knew that the software for the brakes was compiled by an open source compiler? The question is not academic. Compiled code is used today for many of the safety-critical components in modern cars. For the development of autonomous driving systems, the car industry demands safety qualified, high performance compilers to create image and radar signal processing applications written in C and C++. Fortunately, there are international standards such as ISO 26262 that describe the requirements for electronic components, and their software, to be used in safety-critical systems. This presentation discusses general techniques used to design safe systems and more specifically the steps that are needed to develop sufficient trust for compilation tools to be used in cars, trains, planes, medical equipment and nuclear installations. We will look at the steps that are necessary to qualify compilers and libraries, the V-model of software engineering, MC/DC analysis, the MISRA coding guidelines and what they mean for the application developer. Bio: "Before starting Solid Sands, I was an assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam and later switched to the industry as a compiler developer at ACE Associated Compiler Experts. I love the C programming language, right from the first day I picked up K&R’s book, because it provides a direct connection with the machine at high performance. That book was destroyed by a Chinese professor with a fondness for Prolog who sat on it for reference while writing a device driver. C is that flexible. It did not stop me. C has its issues, but so has . My goal is to make sure our C and C++ programs and implementations are of the highest quality possible."