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Savitri ~ Transformation Through Yoga
We have space for some new members of our on-going group. If you are interested in consciousness, yoga, esoteric psychology, mysticism or spirituality - you should check us out. Namaste'

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Our yoga group is reading Savitri, A Legend and a Symbol, written by the contemporary mystic/poet philosopher Sri Aurobindo. Savitri is his experiment in mantric poetry and is used in Integral Yoga for access to, and invocation of, transpersonal levels of consciousness. The format of the group, which has been meeting for thirty-three years, allows for a period of discussion followed by a shared reading of approximately one hour. Meetings generally close with a silent meditation. We have room at this time for few new members and invite your interest and participation. We meet on the First Sunday of Each Month in Pinole, starting at 10:30.

Savitri, Sri Aurobindo‘s magnum opus is a 24,000 line recast of the ancient Indian tale illustrating Love’s ability to alter Fate. A project he worked on for over forty years, this book contains the central ideas of Integral Yoga, including descriptions of the ascending planes of consciousness, the means to access these planes, and his vision of a transformed Earth inhabited by gnostic beings.

Some prior contact with yoga systems, esoteric or transpersonal psychology, or mysticism in contemporary spiritual practice, as in authentic Tantric yoga, would greatly help in accessing the spiritual gold-mine that is within Savitri. All that is required however is an aspiration for a perspective that is expansive and inclusive, and an openness to explore possibilities. Our group members come from diverse backgrounds and interests. What unites us is a spiritual positivism about the present, appreciation for the inclusive evolutionary vision of Integral Philosophy, and an interest in understanding the thought and practice of this yoga in an effort to live more consciously, intentionally and integrally. We seek to do this collectively as well as individually. In the group, we seek to focus on what we can learn, realize and experience. Although sharing of personal experiences are not encouraged, sharing of our ‘Notes on the Way’ are, when they are relevant to the group topics which are generally: consciousness, insights, sadhana (yogic practice) ...

"Not only is Savitri a vision for individual and collective self-fulfillment, but, as a mantra, it has a directly transformative effect on the inner consciousness." – D. Johnston, PhD

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We are not associated with Ken Wilber’s work or Swami Satchidananda. Please contact me for additional specifics.

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