What we're about

A warm welcome to the Ecstatic Alliance.

In a world that is trying to make us crazy, depressed, dissatisfied, sick and poor we HEAL each Other and we step into our intuition, self-confidence, truth, presence and joy.

When we do the work and connect to our inner wisdom there is this big heart opening and nourishment, there is a Conscious reclaiming of the body and inner power. Bliss!

In this group you will feel safe to open your heart and you will be nurtured to Greatness.

We love, heal and transform and most importantly we have heart connection and joy! We dance, we sing, we play. There is true spontaneity ...

With heart!





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Your Facilitator:
Evelina is the founder of the Tantra of Presence.

She is an also a healer, mindfulness, meditation guide as well as a modern day shaman that uses in her private sessions various healing modalities to attune the body, mind and spirit to a state of well being and wholeness.

Some of the practices include gentle therapeutic body work, verbal processes, protocols and therapy techniques that enable efficient elimination of emotional problems, release of traumas, overcoming of negative beliefs, integration of polarities... and accelerated spiritual evolution.

So often we have the right equipment yet we use up all our energy to run in the wrong direction which makes a personal guide and healer an important step of our journey..


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