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The Edinburgh Photography Meetup Group was established with the aim of giving digital photographers a means to connect and provide a focus for their creativity.

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Online Event: More Lockdown Photos

Online event

This is a slightly different online event - with all the restrictions we are facing, this is intended to be a MeetUp space to share our pictures. This ‘event’ will be open for a week, and photos can be uploaded at any point over the week. You don’t need to upload pictures either to participate - we welcome people who want to see what others are taking, especially if they want to add comments and give feedback. We will leave the subject matter open this week so feel free to post anything you have taken in the last few weeks. (If this is seen as popular, then we might suggest more directed topics in future.) This being a ‘photography group’, then critique of the photos is also encouraged - what was the intention of the photographer, and how well do the viewers feel the picture captured that intention. Both submitter and commentator can use the Comments space against the photograph. (This link covers the topic of Critique brilliantly if you want to find out more - with thanks to Nick Prior and Norman Dodds. https://fotoscope.co.uk/developing-critique/ )

Cammo Estate week 2

Cammo Estate

In our last visit we explored the river Almond. So this week I suggest we go into the estate. So far the weather forecast is good. Meet at the new car park on Cammo Road. Please follow all government guidelines. This is an outdoor activity event.

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