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Because of some free work I have been doing this year whose clients are people who are deaf or British Sign Language signers, I have been trolling for information on how to build the best type of site for these people. Wordpress is a fantastic cms and very adaptable but nobody has yet come up with a theme that could be used for the deaf.

Sign Language does not have the same syntax as spoken language so some native sign language people find it difficult to read - hence a need to have signed videos for all text (including navigation) but also text.

To do a theme for Wordpress which would have the built-in functionality of adding all the elements required would be a bit of a whizz. It would also be an excellent gift to the deaf/signing community worldwide because no matter what sign language was spoken the text and videos could be in native spoken and sign language.

I have a good idea of what I think the final product should look like and if anyone is interested then let me know and I'll post the link