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The world is becoming more unstable by the day it seems. The time to be prepared for anything is now. Whether you are brand new to the idea of disaster preparedness, self reliance or if you are seasoned in survival, this group will have something for you. We are about basic home preparedness, urban and wilderness skills to full on survival in austere environments. We have many free community events and learning opportunities for those that want to take it to the next level.

When we get together, we make sure not to waste anyone's time. If we offer a class, it will be in a private environment, not in a bar or noisy restaurant. We don't talk at you, we talk with you to make sure you are comfortable with the topics. Questions are expected and sharing is welcomed. Families and children are always welcome and encouraged to participate. Teaching our children to be strong and self sufficient should always be a priority.

You will join everyday people who wish to gain the confidence and peace of mind by knowing they are prepared to weather any storm, natural or man-made. By sharing skills and making acquaintances we will make our families and communities stronger. If you ever wanted to be a little more self reliant and depend less on someone else to provide for you, this is the place. Disasters may be a storm, National disaster or even a family emergency such as a job loss, through our network, we can lessen the impact on our lives.

We will never engage in any form of extremism, militia or para-military group training or discussion. We do not endorse or support groups that support those views. Safety and privacy are paramount in everything we do. This is a family safe environment.

Murphy says: "The best skilled survivalist in your group will die in the crash, your gear will burn up or be lost, and all you have, is you and your wits." Learn a skill, save yourself and your family.

Welcome! As always, please feel free to reach out to the organizers with any questions you may have.

Come on out, join us at an event, make some friends, ask questions and get prepared for life's curveballs!

For official media information requests, please contact the organizers only to protect the privacy of our members.

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