What we're about

The Emerging Heart of Leadership is a group of emerging and practicing leaders dedicated to growing their craft interpersonally and collectively. Our vision is to accept leaders at all stages of their leadership journey. We believe in growing servant-leaders by cultivating knowledge, heart transformation and action to impact San Luis Obispo County.

1. Knowledge of leadership principles with a focus on Servant-Leadership.
2. Self-reflection, listening and foresight-development at the heart of transformation.
3. Self-initiative to craft small, meaningful changes interpersonally and in your collective group.

“To be a servant-leader, you have to start with yourself and what you are wanting to become, the beginning and becoming of you. It is like every other spiritual discipline or interest…it is a matter of becoming” -James Autry.

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Presencing - A Leadership Development Tool

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Presencing - A Leadership Development Tool

5599 Traffic Way


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