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The Enchanted Living Circle is a practice circle for intuitive living.

It's called The Enchanted Living Circle because, in my experience, developing an intuitive practice really can make life into a magical experience. Don't get me wrong... I don't mean perfect, easy, or even always happy. I just mean a life embued with a sense of purpose and resonance. To me, that is a wonderful thing. It involves a lot of personal responsibility and work, but I can't think of anything more worthwhile.

Everyone can tap into the well of inspiration and intuitive knowledge but it can be hard work to learn how to translate, understand and put to use the information that's there - and it's especially challenging to get past your own internal blocks! By creating this group, I am hoping to build a place to support and encourage this kind of personal and spiritual work.


We start every session by meditating together. Then we get to know each other and try some exercises to tap into our intuitive selves.

To practice just requires developing trust in the information your intuition gives you, but learning the best ways to use intuition in your own life is a very personal process. Everyone communicates differently inside themselves and in navigating your own path of personal growth it’s very helpful to really pay attention to your own styles of intuitive communication.

​The work we do at sessions is always tailored to the group that comes. We love to see new people and familiar faces alike.

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