What we're about

At its simplest form, the Enneagram is (sort of like) a personality system that explains why we do what we do. It gives us insight into our character fixation and how the awareness of it allows us to expand. It is a tool for self-discovery and personal growth. If you approach it with an open mind, it can transform your life significantly.

This Meetup is for anyone who wants to:

- learn more about themselves or understand others better
- overcome their own sh*t
- become a more well-rounded human
- connect with others who are interested in personal growth
- engage in interesting and candid dialogue about human behaviour

Examples of Meetup formats we'll have:

- Roundtable discussions
- Speakers
- Workshops
- Get-togethers to chat and have fun

Themes or topics we might talk about:

- Using the knowledge of the Enneagram to identify periods of stress and comfort
- Using the Enneagram effectively in life, relationships and work
- How to royally screw up a relationship using the Enneagram (SARCASM)
- The Enneagram system; its workings
- How to move up the levels of your personality to become more self-actualized and content

If this sounds appealing to you - I highly recommend you sign up. Share this with friends who you might think will like this.

Past events (5)

WTF is the Enneagram?

Make Lemonade

Workshop: Exploring All Of The Enneagram Types

CSI Annex - Centre for Social Innovation

Workshop: Understanding the Enneagram Arrow Lines

CSI Annex - Centre for Social Innovation

Learn From Other Types (A hangout)

192 Spadina Ave., Centre for Social Innovation


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