Shadow Work and the Enneagram


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Shadow Work: finding aspects of ourselves we don't know we have

What might be in Shadow?

The Enneatype itself
The Essence we are imitating
Aspects of the Enneatype we believe we don't have
A quality or behavior that we don’t know we have.
An aspect of others that we don’t like
An aspect of others we admire
People who see us that we don't understand

Lissa Friedman will present teachings on finding the shadow and bringing it into the light, followed by opportunities for sharing and discussion. Join us on the 4th Sunday of every month to explore your shadows and discover how to heal these eclipsed aspects of self. We will end with embodying the energy of awakening.

$15 suggested donation. No one turned away for lack of funds. Visit to find the specific event link to pay ahead of time. Cash/card accepted at the door.

Lissa Friedman integrates a variety of healing modalities, including psychotherapy, art therapy, transpersonal hypnotherapy and the Enneagram. She has more than 30 years experience in psychotherapy, is a certified hypnotist, and is an accredited practitioner and teacher with the International Enneagram Association. She has studied a variety of spiritual traditions, from Transcendental Meditation in India to the Arica mystery school in the States. Lissa has studied past life and life between life regression with the Michael Newton Institute as well. All of this work infuses her teachings and presence, as she uses the Enneagram as a tool for deepening awareness and self-liberation.