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Hi traders (& traders wannabes) How has your trading journey been? If you are one of those who has dabbled with Forex trading and have not achieved the consistency and the results that you desire, this would be a good session for you to attend. On this day, the 17th of July, I would like to share with you the bumps and bruises that I have gone through. The idea is to open your eyes to Forex trading and face the reality. It is time you did something concrete for your trading !! Be serious about it !! If you belong to these 5 groups of people, I ensure you that you will benefit most from attending this session. Group 1. I have already started trading but I am not acheiving any consistency in my trading. Group 2. I tend to over trade and give back lots of profits at the end of every month. Group 3. I get too emotional when I trade, what can I do to manage my emotional state when trading. Group 4. I do not have a reliable method to trade with and don't know which trading community to follow. Group 5. I am starting off (or re-visiting) trading and I want to do it the right way. I will show you some amazing ways that will allow you to overcome these obstacles. How many of you keep dwelling about the past and keep dancing around the obstacles, move on and do it in the correct way. Please RSVP via the Peatix link below. Please help me state "Meetup Group" in the comment section.

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This group is to get beginners started on Foreign Exchange (Forex) Trading. We will share and guide those who are interested to explore and know more about the Forex Market. Remember... there are no silly questions, the more you ask the more interactive/interesting, the more everyone learns. Let's open our eyes to this financial instrument. Forget what you have heard from your friends, colleagues and read on the internet. Join the group and let us explore the myths and truths about the Forex market. We will try to get a series of monthly sharing sessions going, hopefully time permits. This group will be most suitable for beginners to explore Forex Trading. Of course everyone is welcomed, new traders who are still unsure about the market should join us too. I don't see any serious consequences in joining and meeting new friends and fellow trader wannabes.

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