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The Adult Chair
Where do you “sit” when you interact with others? Your “Child Chair”? Or maybe your “Survivor Chair”? Or could it be your “Adult Chair”? Believe it or not, most of us walk around with an unused or barely used Adult Chair covered in dust and stuck in the corner! This might be contributing to your relationship woes, unhappiness, feeling disconnected, or feeling like you’re spinning your wheels trying to be something you’re not. Come to The Estuary and participate in this class with our Founder and Executive Director, Susan Austin-Crumpton, as she works through this method with you that she created in her private practice many years ago and is a popular tool used by The Estuary practitioners today. Learn what each chair represents. Learn why they exist. Learn why the Adult Chair is your goal and experience what it feels like to be there. You will leave with the knowledge about this powerful tool that can help you to change the way you relate to, well, EVERYONE!

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