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This is the first of its type and is designed to provide a safe workspace to explore ideas with like-minded people who are also following the same path of entrepreneurship as you. A full-day of collaboration with like-minded Expert Entrepreneurs in Central London. Come together to share insights and master the principles of The Expert Economy for your business. You'll have the opportunity to: - Network and ask for introductions - Master the principles of the Expert Economy and get apply them - Join an accountability group and track your progress each month - Celebrate your progress with other like-minded individuals who understand what you're working to achieve - Join a mastermind session and resolve challenging issues - Benefit from our member’s knowledge and expertise - Fun variations that create memories and build friendships *** NEW MEMBERS*** Your first session is always free so you can try before you buy. Please RSVP to the event to receive your free pass. Only valid on your first RSVP so please make sure you come along. For the full agenda please visit: www.TheProfile.Company/The-Workout WHAT IS AN EXPERT ENTREPRENEUR: If you sell a service and the promise to solve a problem for your clients, then there is a high chance you're an Expert Entrepreneur. You're likely someone who has spent years mastering your knowledge and capabilities and have a unique take on things. You see a problem in the world and are adamant that it needs fixing your way. So much so that you've put everything on the line to strike out on your own and become a solo-entrepreneur. Your main product is you, your expertise and your ability to solve your client's problems. You're good at it and you create transformational results that people talk about. If you could, you'd spend all day working with your clients, researching your subject and talking about it. It gets you out of bed in the morning. THE EXPERT ECONOMY As new technology continues to transform the world and how we do business, a new economy is emerging and a new type of entrepreneur for whom the challenges and risks of building a business are very different. With this comes the need for a radically different approach to marketing. At The Expert Economy, we introduce our clients to a step-by-step methodology so they quickly become the 'go to' expert in their industry and get paid their worth, as well as provide the community and support needed to succeed, in what really is, an unknown world. PREVIOUS ATTENDEES of 'The Workout' SAID: "I really enjoyed connecting with other entrepreneurs and focusing again on a marketing strategy that works for entrepreneurs like me. I learned lots from the other attendees. It has reinvigorated me and given me the inspiration to keep going" - Yvonne Omini, Dream Activator "A great day out. Very valuable. I have invited several friends to attend the next event. There is nothing more valuable than coming together with others on the same path and learning together” - Shishir Khadha, Boost Accounting “A big thank you to Naomi for putting on this day. It reminded me of all the actions I need to be doing each month to keep my business on track. It's good to have these things reinforced as it so easy to get caught up in things that don't matter. Really valuable - and important - day” - Angela Sims, Red Tulip “This was an utterly fabulous day out and much needed. It was great to get out meet others who are on the same journey with valuable insights to share” - Sue Ingram, Converse Well. For full information please visit: PLEASE NOTE: Tickets are £25+VAT and need to be purchased (Sorry no students for this event). To gain entry to the venue you will need to bring photo ID. If you have QUESTIONS please feel free to email the organiser on [masked] or call[masked]

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What we're about

Naomi Johnson is the founder of TheProfile.Company (, and is the author of ‘What to Put on Your LinkedIn Profile’ ( and ‘Grassroots to Green Shoots (’, and her upcoming book The Expert Economy. For five years now, Naomi has been providing LinkedIn Profile Reviews to solo-entrepreneurs, owner-managed businesses and corporations and writing their LinkedIn Profiles for them.

Interviewing solo-entrepreneurs Naomi recognised that many of their journies were much like her early days of balancing marketing and sales with winning billable work. She also began to realise that many were investing heavily in marketing course but didn't how to apply traditional marketing principles they were learning - and understandably so - because traditional marketing principles do not apply to experts managed businesses.

Wanting to support entrepreneur experts to succeed, Naomi developed an online training and coaching programme aimed at helping entrepreneurs to design their business in a way that allows them to win new business while doing what they love, because frankly, we don't have time to remain an expert in our own industry and then become a professional sales and marketing person. Nor will we love it.

The Expert Economy is about bringing together entrepreneur experts to share successes, discover new insights and mostly stay on track. Becoming an Entrepreneur Expert is no easy job. It requires a completely different mindset and a shift in how you approach paid work. It requires a community of people that can keep us on track to build the momentum needed to master the art of winning new sales while being our genuine self.

If you want to learn how to have prospects to come to you pre-sold and ready to buy and make sales on of the most natural things you do, then join us.

The world as we know it has changed dramatically and it is those who are able to command their own destiny, choose their own work assignments and ask for their fees, that will succeed.

Our socials are free to attend. Everyone is welcome from those who are already established to those just getting started. We offer online training courses and one-to-one coaching. Our open sessions are 2.5 hours and will introduce you to the principles of The Expert Economy so you can decide for yourself if this is an approach you want to take building your business.

For more information and to enrol in one of our course, please go to (

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