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A private group for serious business owners and entrepreneurs located in the metro Detroit area...
Welcome to the Faceless Leaders group for business owners and entrepreneurs who come together and share insights, ideas, strategies, and platforms that will increase business 3, 5 even 10X in the next 12 months or less. These are sprint activities that will jumpstart business and yourself, once acted on. Each meeting will have 3 main concepts/strategies or insights which we will discuss and share with one another.

This is not Theory and is a NO BULLSHIT Group of people who are committed and values each other’s time. Who are already doing well in business and are working harder to do even better. Who know what it’s like to operate real businesses with real overhead while creating a real lifestyle for themselves and their family.. that’s why we started isn’t it?

This group is Operated by entrepreneurs who have been in the trenches just like you and have created thriving businesses in Michigan and other markets. This type of group setting would cost thousands to attend plus travel. The co- founder knows this but also has these meetings to not only meet new business owners and share real value but also likes to create the setting for a community where others can create joint venture possibilities with other like minded individuals.

The co-founder is a Detroit born and raised Entrepreneur who's loved business and espcecially real estate since a young age, who has also actively done over 400 investment projects in Michigan and raised millions of Private capital to fund business ventures and various real estate related projects.

Come Network in a relaxing urban designed office space located in Pleasant Ridge and meet other like minded people like yourself while also picking up valuable insights and ideas to implement into your business.

This group meets locally but may take you globally... come join us, connect and get the support you need to take business and life to the next level.

email us questions at FacelessLeadersWorkshop@gmail.com, one of our Dream Team Members will respond to you.

Thank You for taking your time to check out our group!

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