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Have you dreamt of flying with the birds? Do the Owls, Eagles, Hawks, Geese, Raven call to you?

Have you been gifted feathers? Curious to know how to use them?

The Featherway was created and established by Navajo Shaman, Garrett Duncan who is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation. His clans are the Bitter Water clan (mother) born for the Red Running into the Water clan (father). His maternal grandfather's clan is the Mexican clan and his paternal grandfather's clan is the Many Hogans clan. He is from the small community of Sanostee, New Mexico.

Garrett was called to perform a hawk honoring ceremony and as a result, it led to the facilitation and creation of the Featherway teachings. The Hawk along with assistance of beloved Amigo, who is a 38 year gold wing Macaw brought forth the techniques and feathers to begin the Featherway.

In the class, you will learn to use feathers to clear energy fields. You will also learn how to use them for intention setting to bring forth your manifestations. In addition, you will learn about individual bird medicines and work with their energies to bring forward clarity in your spiritual journey.

As a certified, Featherway practitioner you will be able to use these techniques in your spiritual practice and earth work. The teachings are to assist in the development of your business and personal growth.

The Featherway has grown to include Advance techniques, and Certified Master Featherway Teacher.

There will be practice group sessions along with Featherway energy exchanges.



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Sasquatch Messages with Garrett Duncan

1706 Lake Woodmoor Dr

Garrett Duncan, Navajo shaman joins us in sharing his story and introduction to the Sasquatch people. In December 2015 at the Star Knowledge conference, Garrett had performed an energy healing for Kewaunee Lapseritis who has written two books about the Sasquatch and has done much research regarding their peoples. During the healing, Garrett could see and sense interdimensional beings. As Garrett tuned into their frequency, he noticed a strong smell. It smelled of swamp and damp Earth. Just as he was smelling this odor, Kewaunee had said to him that the Sasquatch were behind him. In this meeting, Garrett became intrigued with the energy of the Sasquatch and noticed how in tune with their hearts they are. After this meeting, Garrett was gifted a set of eight stones from the Sasquatch. The stones each carried a specific teaching and energy that is to be shared with the world. They are also to be used in channeling healing energy and to conduct ceremony to assist Earth and all her peoples. Garrett has learned much about the Sasquatch and has been designated as an ambassador for their peoples. He continues to bring forth their knowledge and wisdoms and is servicing to bridge the gap between both realms. In this seminar, Garrett will share Sasquatch words and phrases to attendees and demonstrate their use. Participants will learn the correct tone and pronunciation to the phrases and be given handouts for their reference. In addition, Sasquatch clearing technique will be demonstrated using "blessed" wood that was gifted. Garrett's website is: http://www.navajoilluminations.com/ Free event in the Monument Meeting Room of the Monument Library.

Galactic Collective conference, workshops, & meet-n-greet

Calling all Starbeings! Building a bridge from old world and traditions to the new world and paradigm. 13 messengers speak the star knowledge. "Long, Long, Ago, In A Galaxy Oh not too far from here, Wisdom And Knowledge was presented to the human race by The Star People on how to be ONE with Our Mother Earth. We forgot what our mission here on Earth was. Now is the time to unlearn, to Relearn again what our mission here on Earth truly was. We are Connected to All Creation and everything has a purpose Here And Now. Lets Bridge the Knowledge of the Past with Knowledge of the New And make it One Love Again" Facebook events page: https://www.facebook.com/events/897739743890979/ About the conference... The Galactic Collective conference brings the knowledge as wisdom of the Elders and the Younger Generation. ​ The presenters includes knowledgeable indigenous Way Showers from all age groups providing perspectives of the transition from the old Native way given to us by the Star Beings long ago, to the new advanced techniques that the New Star Being Tribe now incarnated into this Earth bringing in the new frequencies and technology. ​ This embodies the prophesied "Rainbow Tribe" or "Light Bringers." The gathering of all awakened beings on Earth of all races incarnated on Mother Earth to raise the consciousness on this earth for the transition to our New World. The conference is a 3-day event with... Day 1: Meet and Greet: 4 - 10 pm Day 2: Presentations and Workshops: 9 am - 8 pm Day 3: Panel Q&A and Private Workshops: 12 - 5 pm (workshop is an additional $25/workshop paid on-site)

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