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Have you dreamt of flying with the birds? Do the Owls, Eagles, Hawks, Geese, Raven call to you?

Have you been gifted feathers? Curious to know how to use them?

The Featherway was created and established by Navajo Shaman, Garrett Duncan who is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation. His clans are the Bitter Water clan (mother) born for the Red Running into the Water clan (father). His maternal grandfather's clan is the Mexican clan and his paternal grandfather's clan is the Many Hogans clan. He is from the small community of Sanostee, New Mexico.

Garrett was called to perform a hawk honoring ceremony and as a result, it led to the facilitation and creation of the Featherway teachings. The Hawk along with assistance of beloved Amigo, who is a 38 year gold wing Macaw brought forth the techniques and feathers to begin the Featherway.

In the class, you will learn to use feathers to clear energy fields. You will also learn how to use them for intention setting to bring forth your manifestations. In addition, you will learn about individual bird medicines and work with their energies to bring forward clarity in your spiritual journey.

As a certified, Featherway practitioner you will be able to use these techniques in your spiritual practice and earth work. The teachings are to assist in the development of your business and personal growth.

The Featherway has grown to include Advance techniques, and Certified Master Featherway Teacher.

There will be practice group sessions along with Featherway energy exchanges.



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Featherway one day Intensive on 2/15

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Sacred Way Fair TOMORROW 2/8! Sessions: 20 mins for $25

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