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What is Financial Literacy?

The skills and knowledge to make informed financial decisions and understand products and services that impact our financial well-being. In short, being financially literate is the key to your financial independence.

Take Control Of Your Personal Finances

The Financial Independence Club is committed to helping Montrealers from all walks of life improve their money skills. Our free courses offer valuable financial information that can help you now and into the future. Our curriculum aims to deliver in-depth financial education, in a relaxed non-pressured environment. Financial education should be available to all, and we are proud we are doing our part in helping people reach their potential.

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Understanding Life Insurance - Free Class

The Financial Independence Club Inc.

Upcoming class: Understanding Life Insurance (Please note: New location in 2019!) Topics Covered: • Learn what life insurance is really for, and if it’s right for you • Learn how to calculate how much insurance you REALLY need, and avoid being oversold • Learn how to stop overpaying for your life insurance, and quickly, simply shop around According to conventional wisdom, life insurance is something everyone needs, and purchasing it is a sign of financial responsibility and maturity. People meet with a financial security advisor they trust, often referred by a friend of relative, to review their situation and come up with the right number of thousands of dollars that makes sure the family is protected, at what they have been assured is the best price and right company for them. After a lengthy application process that often requires a visit from a nurse, a document is delivered that will protect the family and provide peace of mind... However, if you ask most people a few questions about their coverage, they are hard-pressed to explain why they bought what they did (and not something else), and have done little to shop around before making a purchase they will be living with for the next 20 or 30 years, if not all their life. Why do people do this? Because insurance is boring, complicated, requires a lot of calculations and the products are near impossible to understand! At least, until it's explained properly and you're given the right tools to figure things out yourself! "Trust but verify," right? This course will make sure you know HOW to verify, and may well save you and your family a bunch of money. TRUE peace of mind shouldn't rely on blind trust of an advisor, and as those who come to these courses often know: once you've learned what we show here you won't look at your finances -- or in this case your insurance -- the same way ever again! The class is free to attend, but please confirm your attendance by registering on our website ( http://www.tficlub.ca/free-financial-literacy-courses/ ). Spacing is limited, so reserve your spot today! This class is in English. After the class, the group is invited to join us for drinks and dessert at Souvlaki Bar, near Place-Vertu. For a full list of classes we offer, please go here ( http://www.tficlub.ca/free-financial-literacy-courses/ ).

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Building a Family Budget - Free Class

The Financial Independence Club Inc.

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