What we're about

This group is for all first-generation Americans who can relate to what it is like to grow up with parents and relatives who were born from all over the world. It is for people who may have had it a bit rough compared to the average American because maybe our parents didn't know any better but to raise us up in an old-fashioned way. Yet, we all know the complete love they have for us!! Now, as adults, when we look back, we have the ability to laugh and appreciate all the funny accents and times they have tried to act Americanized. We can spend time at restaurants, parks, mall food courts, etc. in the Lehigh Valley to talk about our childhood experiences growing up with non-American born parents and relatives. It can be a lot of fun and we can build good friendships that way. We are in our low to mid 40's and any age group, any race, single or not, will be welcome! We look forward to meeting you!!!