What we're about

You want to be an investor but don’t know how to begin or what to look for?

Or do you already have a 401k, IRA, stocks, bonds, CD’s but want to learn more?

Regardless of your investment experience, or lack thereof, the goal of this group is to provide complementary education, guidance, idea sharing, and networking for those looking to deepen their understanding of investments.

This group is not for day traders, “Get Rich Quick” believers, or those who do not want to see others grow alongside them. This is not a “free steak dinner” or “mail box money”.

The group is for those who want to learn how to accumulate wealth by being serious, long term focused investors through quality investments.

We will meet on a monthly basis (or more if there is interest) at various locations around the Louisville metro area such as coffee shops, restaurants, parks, etc and have our group discussions there. I am more than open to any and all suggestions for locations/events.

If you would like to learn more, feel free to private message me inside of the MeetUp App.

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The Focused Investor Initial MeetUp

Quills / Steel City Pops

Welcome to the first of hopefully many meetups for The Focused Investor Group! The goal of this first event is for everyone to meet, get to know one another a little, and talk about what you want to accomplish! What are you looking to learn? What do you want to explore? What about the markets-if anything- makes you nervous, anxious, excited, thrilled,etc? We will start by going over the very basics of investing and working up from there. Come prepared with pens, paper, loads of questions and thirst for knowledge. As always if you have any questions, please feel free to private message me inside of the meetup itself.

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Pre-First MeetUp

Needs a location

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